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The Future of Kite Boarding Materials

Although kite materials are fairly standard across the industry, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement in their raw material. Companies are working to develop a finer, stronger polyester yarn as well as a special finishing process that will improve rip-stop performance. Companies in Kiteboarding have stated that their companies are striving to achieve double strength. Companies are also looking at incorporating recycled materials into their kite fabric. This will allow kites to have a lower impact on the environment and retain all the performance characteristics of kites made from non-recycled materials.

We were also surprised to learn that many companies did not disclose the testing of other materials. It is possible that new materials could be used in kites.

You can expect to see new materials in the near future. However, the majority of the innovation will be in the way the materials are assembled. Cabrinha’s Ian Ponting explained that they have experimented with many materials and how they were applied to boards. One of our key focus points was to improve the manufacturing process to better use our shaping theories.” Designers can eliminate some of the restrictions they face in building mass-produced boards by developing new manufacturing methods that allow them to create the shape they desire.

One thing is certain: the process of putting together the materials, whether they are kites or boards, as well as the raw materials, is what matters. As designers push the boundaries to create lighter, stronger, and more efficient kiteboarding gear, we will see new materials and construction methods used.

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