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ShipToBox – Solution to Your Luggage Shipping Problem

Say Goodbye to your nightmare at the airport.

In this modern the 21st century, with services like international luggage shipping, you can roam around anywhere without the hassle of taking your luggage with you. You can skip the countless hours of standing in the queue at the airport. Furthermore, you do not need to bear the trouble of investing a tremendous amount of money to transport your luggage. One renowned name is Ship ToBox. With ShipToBox international luggage shipping service, you can reduce your time, stress and bills to move your luggage anywhere around the globe.

The service by ShipToBox can be very practical because you can track your baggage throughout the delivery time. On top of that, you also identify the exact date of the arrival of your luggage.

ShipToBox can be budget-friendly alternating to the traditional process because airplane budget is very expensive nowadays. As you may know that, traveling with more than one luggage is a tedious task as there are weight restrictions. You need to spend hours at check-ins, baggage carousels while traveling with heavy bags. Besides, transferring and organizing suitcases can be a nightmare for some.

ShipToBox offers reasonable luggage shipping worldwide with over 220 international routes, serving over 25,000 people. Popular International luggage shipping also allows you to move large over-sized items that may be difficult or expensive to move, such as musical instruments, vehicles, furniture, bicycles or sporting equipment. Shipping with such companies is the most straightforward way to avoid huge baggage fees applied by the airline.
With every passing day, the service is getting immense popularity and appreciating around the world. The users are chiefly:

  • Students.
    • Travelers.
    • Businessmen who frequently travel.

Why do you use this service?

  • Sending personal belongings when you go to study abroad, mostly to your college or university.
  • Sending personal belongings when relocating with family to another.
  • Sending personal belongings to relocate for business.
  • Sending a care package to a loved one in another country.
  • Sending luggage ahead for a relaxing holiday.
  • Sending gift items to your friends or family.

Freedom to ship anywhere

Where do they ship? Well, the services by Ship To box are available around 220 countries around the world.

Things you need to keep in mind

International Baggage shipping by ShipToBox enables you to ship your personal belongings at any time all over the world with the simple online booking. However, certain things should be taken into account for security and customs at the airport.

The sender needs to ensure these items are packaged properly to prevent damage of fragile items. The senders are recommended to handle protective suitcases or durable double-walled cardboard boxes to wrap the delicate items, making sure they are ready for transit.
Consolidation service is there to help customers. It includes removal of unwanted packaging if you order from multiple US sellers. Therefore, the package will be ready to be shipped with the reduced coast.

With great care, ShipToBox removes any unwanted packaging by taking the client’s permission. However, they keep the original packaging intact. With the expert team, ShipToBox places the product in the smallest box after taking a proper measurement. They are capable of determining the weight and quote most efficiently for the customers.

Things to take care

The senders are recommended to handle protective suitcases or durable double-walled cardboard boxes to wrap the delicate items, making sure they are ready for transit. Do not use fragile baggage or suitcases, as they are not capable. The senders are highly advised to bubble wrap or newspapers for any internal packaging. In case, the customers are facing any difficulty or confusion, such ShipToBox go with customer guide to help solve any problem.

When ShipToBox, the items do not pass through customs security checking or clearance. As a result, the items are not subjected to import tax or duty fee and do not need any declaration from the customs. However, with traditional airplanes, while traveling you are legally required to follow custom laws and regulations to declare your shipment.

How to get started?

  1. You need to confirm the booking online. You need to register online and get your unique USA address.
    2. You can place the orderwith your unique USA address. Or we can buy the product for you after getting the details from you.
  2. While checking out, you need to use your unique USA address.
  3. There is pick up service, or ShipToBoxdelivers you with the best shipping rates.
  4. Plus, you will receive messages during collection, delivery etc.

Improve your Business.

How customers can shop from international Brands from the USA at the reduced price. Then the customers can sell these products in his country easily. Once you place your order at the USA wholesalers, ShipToBox receives the products on your behalf and ships it to you. The process is managed carefully to ensure 100% safety of your product.

  • You can buy products anytime.
    • You do not need to spend time.
  • You do not need to visit the USA over and over again for shopping.

Some fantastic features of Ship To Box include:

Ø Consolidation service and repackaging.

Ø Pick your shipment from the warehouse.

Ø Impeccable customer service.

Ø Free registration.

Ø Fast shipping at affordable cost with FedEx, DHL, USPS, and EMS.

Ø Personal assistant service helps to buy the product for you. The registration is free, and there is no shipping tax.

Why chose Ship To Box?

  • While traveling by airplanes, there are many incidents where passengers may have to personal belongings behind or pay excess baggage fees at the airport. But with international, baggage shipping you can save your precious money and ship as much as 30kg/66Ibsper suitcase at affordable rates.
  • With traditional shipping, there is a chance of losing your valuable luggage at the conveyor belt. Sometimes, the suitcase is mishandled at the airport.
  • International luggage shipping is an excellent option for students so they can maintain their prized possessions to their pristine place.
  • For safe transport of your luggage internationally, the companies use renowned couriers, such as FedEx or DHL.
  • ShipToBoxoffers tax free shopping, and this service is recommended by many shoppers. You can also partner with Ship To Box for your business. Ship To Box, provided affiliate programs as well where you can earn money easily.
  • ShipToBoxoffers special rates for businessmen, as well as repackaging service and perfect online warehouse management system. Our mission is to provide the lowest shipping cost for our valuable client and deliver their products safely.
  • You can win the trust of your customers if you sip directly to your customers from the USA. Ship ToBoxalso provides tracking system, weight calculator and currency converter for you.
  • Many USA wholesalersdo not ship internationally. Besides, there is a chance of custom duty problems at your airport.

ShipToBox is committed to maintaining the privacy of customers. Any information collected from online is used purely to improve the services for customers. All registers and visitors’ information is kept confidential by staff, affiliates, and advisors. The email address of customers is used to send a greeting, important notices, offers, newsletters, and notifications.

Besides, the team is very strict about the agency and service, security and payment, membership, user conduct, fraud prevention, storage and tax duties.

Unlike previous years, luggage shipping with ShipToBox has been effortless, affordable and convenient than ever! If you want to ship an important document, baggage or parcel to your friends or relatives in other parts of the world, one reliable name is ShipToBox. ShipToBox has the advantage of providing you with ultimate customer delight and satisfaction by delivering your goods at your doorstep.