Liverpool successfully won

Liverpool Shutter Final Third Champions League in Burst

The Reds were able to achieve the title of Champions League s, Cup Super-Europe and Cup World Club.

Liverpool successfully won three trophies in the year 2019. According to Andrew Robertson, the achievement that did not make the thirst champion Reds stopped in 2020.

2019 became one of the years were outside the ordinary for Liverpool. The Reds were able to achieve the title of Champions League s, Cup Super-Europe and Cup World Club. Squad care Juergen Klopp was also closed the year with being at the summit of the standings League England 2019/2020 with 55 points. Liverpool defends the title Champions League to qualify for the round of 16 large.

Although already gained three trophies throughout 2019, but it did not stop the pace Sadio Mane and others grabbed the title of a champion again in 2020. The proposed defender left Liverpool, Andrew Robertson, who admitted his team still want to reach a wide range of titles in the new this.

Defender Liverpool, Trent Alexander Arnold aiming for the Champions League final three in a row. He wants to be a lot of winning trophies along with the Reds, the designation of Liverpool.

Liverpool, in two seasons in a row always penetrates the party ‘s Champions League final. Last season, they managed to become champions after defeating Tottenham Hotspur by a score of 2-0.

At season ‘s Champions League final will take place in Istanbul. It is a place that is special to the Reds. Yes, Liverpool never won the Champions League in Istanbul in the year 2005.

It is a place which is very big for the club. However, to have the year 2020 was perfect we need to win the trophy as much as possible,” said Alexander Arnold, quoted from the site ‘s official club.

In the Champions League the season ‘s, Liverpool had reached the round of 16 large. They will meet with Atletico Madrid.

Atletico Madrid game

Further, Alexander Arnold calls Atletico Madrid is not an opponent who easily defeated. Team upbringing Diego Simeone is very famous for the game due to the hard and always ambitious to achieve victory. 

Liverpool meet Atletico according to Klopp’s predictions

Juergen Klopp has no problem Liverpool must meet Atletico Madrid in the last 16 of the Champions League. Because Klopp had predicted from the start. From the results of the drawing at the headquarters of major UEFA, Nyon, Monday (16/12/2019) night local time, Liverpool were challenged Atletico. The defending champion gets a tough test because Atletico is not a careless opponent. Indeed, Atletico has not had the experience so the champion in the competition’s but look at the quality of the squad who possessed a clear team of origin of Madrid it would be troublesome. Moreover, there is the figure of Diego Simeone as a coach.

Responding to the results of the drawing, Klopp as manager of Liverpool was concerned. Therefore, man origin Germany was already predicting Liverpool would meet one of the football teams of origin of Madrid, whether it’s Atletico or Real.

Liverpool and Atletico have met four times throughout their history in European competition. Until now it was still as strong, with one win each and two draws. This will be a tight match. Both teams used to play high- intensity football.