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Founding Of Lawn Tennis Association

The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) is the national governing body for tennis in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 1875 to take over the administration of lawn tennis courts and facilities from the All England Croquet Club at Wimbledon, which had been formed in 1868 but needed help managing them. In 1888, it started publishing a new rules book called “Laws of Lawn Tennis” that included rules for singles and doubles games, along with other information such as equipment specifications and court dimensions.

The founding of the Lawn Tennis Association

The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) was founded in 1888 by Major Walter Clopton Wingfield. The first president of the LTA was the Earl of Derby, and Harry Gem became its secretary. He is also known as “the father of lawn tennis” because he invented many rules for playing this sport and published them in his book titled “Lawn Tennis”. In 1877, a tournament was held at Worple Road, Wimbledon at which Spencer Gore won against Dr Henry Jones with a scoreline of 6-1 6-1 6-4! It was organised by MCC member Harry Gem who wrote down all his ideas on how to play lawn tennis in a book called ‘Lawn Tennis’.

The early years of the LTA and Wimbledon

The first LTA was formed in 1888. It was originally called the Lawn Tennis Association and had the aim of promoting the game of lawn tennis. The LTA organised the All England Club Championships (which later became known as Wimbledon). In 1877, Wimbledon was founded by Major Walter Clopton Wingfield who invented a form of tennis that could be played on grass courts instead of hardwood floors like most traditional forms at this time. The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) was formed in 1888 with the aim of promoting lawn tennis and organising championships such as Wimbledon.

Change and growth for the LTA

The Law Tennis Association is a membership organisation that represents the interests of its members and supports them in achieving their goals. As such, it has expanded its reach to include all levels of tennis players, from juniors to professionals. It has diversified its activities beyond just organising tournaments, with programmes such as Player Development (PD), which helps players improve their skills through coaching sessions; Talent Identification Programme (TIP), which identifies young talent; and Play Tennis!, which encourages people who don’t play tennis to give it a go by running free taster sessions across England.

The organisation has also changed its focus slightly since being founded: whereas previously it was largely concerned with elite-level competition between male professionals and amateurs who did not earn money from playing sports professionally – known as gentlemen’s games – now there are many female players competing at both amateur and professional levels too! The LTA works closely with partners like Sport England and UK Sport on initiatives such as Get Into Tennis!, which aims at increasing participation rates among young people aged 7-12 years old by providing free coaching sessions during school holidays across England over the summer 2016/17 season.

How are things today?

The LTA is the governing body for tennis in the UK. It’s responsible for running the national tennis leagues and providing support to clubs, as well as organising coaching courses, umpiring courses and many other activities that help keep our sport alive. The LTA runs four national centres: Roehampton (London), Birmingham, Manchester and Loughborough University. These centres provide world-class facilities for training athletes at all levels of play – from beginners right up to elite players – along with accommodation if required! They also host international competitions like Wimbledon or Davis Cup Finals so you could easily bump into some famous faces while visiting one of these venues!

The Lawn Tennis Association was founded in 1888

The Lawn Tennis Association was founded in 1888 but has evolved considerably since then. It is the national governing body of tennis in the UK and is based in Wimbledon, London. The LTA runs and promotes tennis across England, Scotland and Wales; organises events such as Wimbledon; promotes the sport at the grassroots level; provides support services for players; oversees coaching standards across all levels; manages relations with other sports bodies internationally (including those outside Europe); formulates competition rules for international tournaments held within Britain such as Davis Cup ties between Great Britain & Ireland against Australia/New Zealand or USA etc.


The Lawn Tennis Association is an organization that has had a long history and continues to evolve today. It began as a small group of tennis players who wanted to make the sport more popular in England, but it has since grown into one of the largest governing bodies for tennis around the world. We hope this article has been helpful to you.