Olympic Basketball: Rules, format, and differences from NBA

NBA (National Basketball Association) is one of the most popular premier leagues worldwide and the basketball fraternity. However, all the rules of the NBA are somehow not universal. While most of the rules of the game are consistent, the NBA rules do differ from the FIBA international rules in a few aspects, which is followed by the Olympics committee as well. These rules undoubtedly tend to have a significant impact on the outcome of a game. Cumulatively they make for an entirely different game altogether requiring an overhaul in strategies. For basketball fans who are all geared up to watch the Tokyo Olympics 2020 Schedule commencing from the 24th of July, here are the major differences between the Olympic and NBA

ShipToBox – Solution to Your Luggage Shipping Problem

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Top 10 Destinations for Budget Traveling

When the nice weather and holidays arrive, we immediately want to travel and relax. Except, you may be short on cash, so you need to do some vacationing on a budget. Thus, we have some destinations to offer you so you can feed your Instagram account!1. Spark (Nevada) Easy to access so you can get there with a low-cost flight, or a road-trip, depending on your location. Spark is the region that has tons to see. It is not overflowing with tourists; you do not burn hot, and there are cool places and a whole lot of hikes based on the theme of pleasure. Stay at Suncoast Hotel and Casino while you enjoy this amazing place.2. Bucharest We are shooting in Eastern