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  • 4.28.11: The Buzz, How the Rick Scott administration evades sunshine law
  • 3.22.11: Post on Politics, Paging Mr. Zuckerberg: Scott’s first FB townhall rough
  • 3.21.11: St. Petersblog, A comment about Gov. Rick Scott’s nouveau riche, d–k move to post pension information online
  • 3.19.11: Central Florida Political Pulse, Is Scott backing down on Fair Districts?
  • 1.1.11: Naked Politics, Introducing PolitiFact Florida's Scott-O-Meter
  • 9.6.10: St. Petersblog, Rick Scott’s jobs plan: fire state workers ... plus he tries to be Scott Brown
  • 9.3.10: Beach Peanuts, Carroll On Scott: “We Don’t Need A Gov. Who’s In That Seat For Personal Gain”
  • 7.30.10: Naked Politics, Scott wins appeal in district court -- throws out McCollum's matching $$$
  • 7.29.10: The Buzz, McCollum's 4-minute screed against Scott
  • 7.29.10: Reid Report, Time to hit the panic button? Greene pulls ahead, Scott pulling away?
  • 7.7.10: The Fine Print, Scott files lawsuit that could blow up the election
  • 6.29.10: March on Politics, Scott’s 527 dodges public financing law
  • 6.29.10: March on Politics, McCollum now acknowledges ties to 2 groups attacking Scott
  • 6.12.19: The Buzz, Rick Scott: (not) as seen on TV
  • 6.10.10: The Buzz, Poll gives Rick Scott 13-point lead on Bill McCollum; Kendrick Meek and Jeff Greene nearly even
  • 6.10.10: PolitiFact, With Rick Scott leading in polls, opponents pull out 'fraud' line
  • 6.8.10: March on Politics, Dueling websites: McCollum launches site to counter Scott’s ‘truth’
  • 5.8.10: Central Florida Political Pulse, McCollum losing ground to Scott TV assault
  • 5.7.10: Death, Taxes & Politics, Rick Scott gaining fast on McCollum in new poll
  • 4.13.10: The Buzz, Republican Rick Scott joins governor's race



  • 4.2.11: St. Petersburg Times, Gov. Rick Scott, Solantic and conflict of interest: What's the deal?
  • 3.9.11: Florida Independent, Scott, Bondi respond to criticisms of civil rights vote
  • 1.26.11: St. Petersburg Times, Gov. Rick Scott stalls new voter-approved redistricting standards
  • 11.6.10: Naples Daily News, From Naples to Tallahassee: Rick Scott's improbable rise to Florida's governor
  • 10.5.10: St. Petersburg Times, Alex Sink blasts Rick Scott: 'I just refuse to let (him) hijack my state without a fight'
  • 10.2.10: St. Petersburg Times, Florida candidates for governor talk up job creation but both have experience with job elimination
  • 9.19.10: St. Petersburg Times, Columbia/HCA reports warned Rick Scott of potential legal problems
  • 9.16.10: Florida Independent, Scott, Sink differ sharply on how to cut, reshape state government
  • 9.9.10: Palm Beach Post, Sink, Scott file paperwork for spending blitz in Fla. governor's race
  • 9.2.10: Florida Times-Union, Many questions surrounding Scott-Carroll ticket go unanswered
  • 9.2.10: St. Petersburg Times, Republican Rick Scott and his new running mate, Jennifer Carroll, hit campaign trail
  • 8.26.10: St. Petersburg Times, Why Scott won, and why he could win again (Howard Troxler column)
  • 7.31.10: St. Petersburg Times, Appeals panel sides with Rick Scott, says Bill McCollum not entitled to matching funds
  • 7.28.10: St. Petersburg Times, Bill McCollum lobs attack after attack at gubernatorial rival Rick Scott
  • 7.25.10: St. Petersburg Times, Rick Scott's case against Florida's public financing of candidates (Howard Troxler column)
  • 7.13.10: St. Petersburg Times, Rick Scott's deceitful, heartless ploy (editorial)
  • 7.9.10: St. Petersburg Times, Scott doesn't need to get to work — he needs a tutor (Daniel Ruth column)
  • 7.7.10: St. Petersburg Times, Rick Scott sues to block public funds from going to rival campaigns
  • 7.7.10: Florida Times-Union, In Florida governor's race, 527s play hardball
  • 6.25.10: St. Petersburg Times, Hypocrisy and stimulus are latest buzzwords of Scott-McCollum battle


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