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Florida House of Representatives District 48


Challengers for 2012


  • 8.13.10: BayBuzz, Marg Baker, Olbermann's "worst person in the world"
  • 8.13.10: Crooks and Liars, Florida Candidate Marg Baker on Illegal Immigrants: "Put them in a camp and ship them back"
  • 8.9.10: St. Petersblog, Video: Tea Partier and state House candidate Marg Baker says illegal aliens should be placed in 1940s-styled ‘camps’
  • 7.21.10: BayBuzz, Peter Nehr a 'flip-flopper' on oil drilling, says Democratic challenger Tom McKone
  • 1.5.09: BayBuzz, McKone to challenge Peter Nehr in Distict 48
  • 2.1.08: FLA Politics, State House Races to Watch in 2008
  • 7.10.06: FLA Politics, "Team Z" goal in sight.

Election Results


  • 8.26.10: Sunshine State News, Dramatic Results in Primary Battles for House Seats
  • 8.12.10: The Ledger, Florida House Candidate Wants Illegals in Camps Awaiting Deportation
  • 8.12.10: St. Petersburg Times, House District 48 candidate wants 'camps' for illegal immigrants
  • 8.12.08: St. Petersburg Times, Nehr's debts become campaign issue
  • 8.20.06: St. Petersburg Times, For State House: The Times recommends these candidates in the State House primaries


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