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Welcome to the Florida Progressive Coalition's Wiki about politics in the Sunshine State. Here you will find information about the issues affecting Floridians (Issues), a comprehensive list of progressive groups in the state (Progressive Organizations), information on how to be an activist (How To), the most information on Florida elections and politicians anywhere on the web and other information. We also host the Florida Progressive Radio show. If you are new to blogging or Netroots activism, you can learn more at the Netroots Glossary. You can click on the links on the sidebar at anytime to get to these parts of the site or you can use the search field that is always at the top of the site. If you have questions or comments you can surf over to the blog or e-mail us at Thanks for visiting our site.

Our Mission

The Florida Progressive Coalition is a network of concerned citizens, bloggers and activists from every region of Florida. We believe in a commitment to equality, fairness, justice, effective and efficient government, protecting our natural resources and moving our state and country forward in ways that benefit us all. We also believe that a majority of voters in the Sunshine State share these progressive values.

Despite this progressive majority, there is a disconnect between the people of Florida and those responsible for representing and governing them. Our legislature, our members of Congress, our governor and many of our other state and local officials are Republicans. A number of them hold extremist ideologies that are in stark opposition to the progressive values that the majority of Floridians support.

How did this happen? Why don't the priorities of our elected officials reflect the concerns of Florida's voters?

There are numerous reasons why progressive causes meet opposition, and why some progressive candidates have stumbled in their race for elected office. Exploring this has relevance to historians, but our priority is on what can be done today toward shaping a promising future.

Our attention is focused on solutions. We intend to fix the disconnect and ensure that progressive concerns are not ignored.

Here's what we propose:

We understand the potential for technology to transform the politics that affect our lives. Our group draws heavily on the diverse talents of Florida's progressive bloggers, utilizing their superb writing skills and tapping their expertise in the technologies that power new media.

Help us promote progressive change. Participation in our effort is not limited to liberals or Democrats or anything like that -- we welcome anyone who is dedicated to progress for Florida and for our nation. Won't you join us?

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