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Dave Aronberg

Dave Aronberg, Florida Senate District 27

and candidate for Attorney General



  • Occupation: Attorney (Greenspoon Marder, P.A., West Palm Beach)
  • Education: Harvard University: B.A., 1993; J.D., 1996
  • Born: May 4, 1971, in Miami, Florida
  • Religious Affiliation: Jewish
  • Recreation: Golf, exercise, guitar, driving back and forth on State Road 80


  • Tallahassee Office:
    • Senate Office Building, Room 405
    • 404 South Monroe Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399-1100
    • Telephone: 850-487-5356
  • E-mail:



  • 12.31.10: The Buzz, AG-elect Pam Bondi taps Dave Aronberg to the newly created post of special counsel on pill mill initiative
  • 8.27.10: Post on Politics, Aronberg endorses Gelber for state attorney general, promises to rise again
  • 8.6.10: The Buzz, Aronberg's tough campaign strains his own wishes
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  • 7.29.10: PolitiFact Florida, Dave Aronberg says he was 'first' to demand BP escrow fund
  • 7.28.10: PolitiFact Florida, Dan Gelber continues 'junior lawyer' attack against Dave Aronberg
  • 7.15.10: Blue Broward, Aronberg is Pushing Me Into Gelberís Camp for Attorney General
  • 7.2.10: The Buzz, Gelber says Aronberg taking 'the low road'
  • 6.16.10: Change in Tallahassee, McCollum takes credit but Aronberg deserves it
  • 5.21.10: The Buzz, Dave Aronberg may have broken election law
  • 4.9.10: Change in Tallahassee, Sen. Dave Aronberg Calls on Governor Christ To Veto SB6
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  • 9.25.08: Juice, Republicans club Aronberg in TV ad over Governors Club membership
  • 6.30.08: The Buzz, Aronberg sues over write-in loophole
  • 6.30.08: March on Politics, Aronberg Announces Suit Over Closed Primary And Write-In Loophole In Pasco Race
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  • 4.23.08: Naked Politics, Aronberg revisits effort to close "write-in loophole"
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  • 3.28.07: Truman's Conscience, Guns, drinkin' and porn [insert rebel yell here]
  • 1.26.07: Daily Kos, FloridaNetroots: State Senator Dave Aronberg Speaks



  • 8.12.10: St. Petersburg Times, Attorney general candidates Dan Gelber, Dave Aronberg reverse course on donations
  • 7.29.10: Palm Beach Post, Democrats' bright stars Aronberg, Gelber getting heated in Fla. attorney general race
  • 7.25.10: Tampa Tribune, Democratic attorney general contest turns negative
  • 7.12.10: Palm Beach Post, Slick campaigning on BP: Despite Aronberg's claims, Gelber isn't tainted (editorial)
  • 7.12.10: Palm Beach Post, Gelber backers accuse Aronberg of misleading tactics in Democratic AG primary
  • 6.29.10: Palm Beach Post, Democratic AG candidates squabble over proper response to BP's hiring of law firm
  • 6.5.10: St. Petersburg Times, Separating the candidates for Florida attorney general by key issues
  • 1.22.10: St. Petersburg Times, In Democratic race for attorney general, candidates offer contrast in style, experience
  • 1.4.09: Palm Beach Post, Election 2010: Some races to keep eyes on
  • 11.1.08: Fort Myers News-Press, Lawmaker makes bid to stop Alligator Alley lease plan
  • 9.24.08: Palm Beach Post, Flier flap stokes Fla. Senate race
  • 6.7.08: Fort Myers News-Press, Republican attack ad takes aim at Aronberg
  • 7.31.07: Vero Beach Press-Journal, New sex offender laws to begin
  • 4.23.07: Miami Herald, Sex-offender laws reevaluated
  • 7.3.06: Tampa Tribune, Children's Origins To Be Checked.
  • 4.30.06: Orlando Sentinel, Dog eat dog.
  • 3.25.06: Palm Beach Post, Proposed energy panel makeup in Senate bill concerns some.


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