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Jan 06

“The Democratic Women’s Club of Florida, Inc. Calls on Florida Legislature to be Fair to Floridians in 2012”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tallahassee, Florida – In preparation for the opening day of the Florida legislative session, the Democratic Women’s Club of Florida, Inc., has released its 2012 legislative agenda, which outlines the organization’s main priority for the year – … Read More

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Oct 28

Florida’s Middle Class Comeback Starts With Flexing Muscles

(Cross-posted at Examiner.com) Next Tuesday, November 1st, 2011 – just about one year before the Big Election – is a day for Florida’s Middle Class to begin mounting a major comeback. There’s a surplus by now of indisputable facts, figures, … Read More

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Oct 05

Dollars, sense and the new American Resistance

(Cross-posted at Saint Petersblog & Daily Kos)   “There’s something happening here What it is ain’t exactly clear…” Steven Stills wrote those opening lines of Buffalo Springfield’s classic protest song, “For What It’s Worth”, in 1966. It wasn’t just the … Read More

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Dec 17

Free Political Talking Points: Fed Dead Redemption Edition

You might describe the United States Federal Reserve Bank as the Bank of America, except there actually is a Bank of America, and it’s not the same thing.  Clever marketing move, Bank of America. The Fed, as the Federal Reserve … Read More

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Nov 24

The Thankful & The Thankless

(Cross-posted at Examiner.com) One day last winter I went to Home Depot to get a good deal on a replacement garage door. The employee helping me was on the older side of middle age, a mild-mannered man named David. In … Read More

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Nov 20

Free Political Talking Points: The Back to Basics Big Tent Stop Yer Cryin’ Get Up and Fight Revival Edition

Yeah, this is back.  Again. Yes indeed, dear friends and neighbors, this Thanksgiving we’ve got an awful lot to be thankful for. Oh, I know — we got our asses kicked on Election Day.  And now you’ve got at least … Read More

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Oct 19

“Big Government” Stimulus A Big Help To Florida

File the following in the “Something to share with all those stubborn anti-stimulus folks you know or encounter” folder. Better yet, reduce it down to a palm card for easy distribution these last two weeks before E-Day. For anyone in … Read More

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Jan 16

Health Care Bill Still Squeezing Small Business

Make note that as the final health care bill gets hammered out by President Obama and the Dems in preparation for delivery to Congress next week, there’s not a whole lot of talk about controlling health insurance costs. While affordability … Read More

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Sep 27

Economic Solutions???

According to McCain last week, the economy is fundamentally strong. Acording to McCain this week, the economy is in such terrible shape, he must suspend his campaign. George Bush surprised everyone with his Paulson-authored plan to socialize the banking and … Read More

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