3 thoughts on “Man Shoots up School Board Meeting because Wife fired from Budget Cuts

  1. You are an idiot blaming any political party for this. Go back to the hole you crawled out of.

  2. The hole I climbed out of Sir? When you decide to join us here in reality and see the suffering that people are going through, You may understand where I am coming from sir. Lets see, Reasons I blame the Florida Republicans:
    While FLORIDA REPUBLICANS continue to push there agenda like CUT FUNDING FROM PUBLIC SCHOOLS standing by idly while our Waters are destroyed by oil spills and the unemployment is still at staggering levels.

    SECONDLY SIR, How did this man decide to fight his issue? With a gun. He uses guns to solve problems and attacks government, which if I have been out of said hole long enough…….is a right-wing concept.

    THIRDLY SIR, Allow me to link you to an article on the future Governors public education plan and If you don’t agree with me by the end of it that he is destroying Public Education, You must have been in that hole right next to me