Not Sure if Serious: Rush Limbaugh


Not quite sure how to make this guy seem more like an asshole so Ill just post the video and let you read along.

Credit to Media Matters

“How about, you remember when Obama went swimming in the Gulf with his daughter to show everybody it was safe during the oil spill? How about Obama take his daughter to the airport, and have a TSA groper go through the exact routine for Obama’s daughter that everybody else’s daughter goes through? Just to show it safe for everybody, like he did in the Gulf for the oil spill, hmmm?”

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One thought on “Not Sure if Serious: Rush Limbaugh

  1. Rush should abandon his private jet himself and get groped. Maybe he’d find it isn’t a grope, it’s a security measure. What did he think was going to happen when the underwear bomber struck? Rush was among those leading the charge after 9/11 when it was clear we’d have some changes in public life dealing with terrorists.