Health Care Round-up

Lots of good debate on the Senate health care “reform” bill. Here’s the important stuff I’ve read and come across, in reverse chronological order…

Down With Tyranny: Is the Conventional Wisdom on health care winners and losers going to have to change? (Does it matter?)

Jon Walker: The Insidious Myth Of The Progressive “Bill Killers”

Jacob Hacker: Why I Still Believe in This Bill

AMERICAblog: Media still doesn’t get why left is upset with Obama and Reid

Open Left: The Long-Term Value of Insisting The Health Bill Is Not Good Enough

Media Matters: Quick Fact: Wallace allows McCain to falsely claim no benefits of Senate health care bill “kick in” until “after four years”

Open Left: Missing the opportunity in the health care crisis–NO MORE!

Wonk Room: Howard Dean No Longer Urging Dems To ‘Kill’ The Bill: ‘Let’s See What They Add To This Bill And Make It Work’

AMERICAblog: New health plan will have the same overseer as Members of Congress, but definitely not the same benefits or costs

Wonk Room: Sen. Kent Conrad: ‘The Final Bill Is Going To Have To Be Very Close To The Bill Negotiated Here’

Smashed Frog: Holistic vs Idealistic Health Care Reform

Open Left: The big stupid of health care reform

TPMDC: Progressives Target … Progressives, Ask If Senators Were ‘Strong Enough’ On Public Option

FiveThirtyEight: Can’t Tell the Conservatives and Liberals Apart Without a Program

Wonk Room: New Senate Bill Achieves Greater Deficit Reduction, On Track To Pass By Christmas

Wonk Room: Senate Bill Would Allow States To Prohibit Abortion Coverage In Exchange

Open Left: What we can still win in health care reform

Open Left: The Three Artificially Manufactured Assumptions Driving the Insurance/Drug Industry’s Health Bill

Open Left: Stupid Voters, Part Two

Open Left: That Gollum-like Feeling on Health Care

TPMDC: CBO: Health Care Bill Now $871 Billion, Public Option Compromise Does Not Lower Premiums

Jack & Jill Politics: Really? Democrats want to kill a Democratic party platform initiative?

Daily Kos: CBO Score: Latest Bill Costs $871B

FiveThirtyEight: Nelson Pledges Support For Health Care Bill, Making Passage Likely

FiveThirtyEight: An Extremely Premature Retrospective on the Kill Bill Strategy

Daily Kos: Krugman: Pass the bill

Daily Kos: What bill do you think you’re supporting?

Daily Kos: On mandates and “fixing it later”

Daily Kos: Pardon? Who’s to Blame If Reform Fails?

Daily Kos: AFL-CIO: “Substantial Changes Must be Made”

Open Left: No Democratic Senators will filibuster the health bill from the left

Open Left: A partial list of concessions made to just Ben Nelson

Wonk Room: Rep. Anthony Weiner: ‘Howard Dean Is Wrong,’ We Shouldn’t ‘Let The Perfect Be The Enemy Of The Good’

Democratic Strategist: Bloggers Make Case for HCR Compromise

AMERICAblog: Paul Krugman is a great economist

Daily Kos: Fix it later? OK. Fix this.

Open Left: We had a deal. A few Senators just lied to us.

Wonk Room: The Case For The Individual Mandate

Daily Kos: Counterpoint on Massachusetts

Daily Kos: Insurance Reform? Pre-Existing Conditions

Wonk Room: How The Merged Senate Bill Is Better Than Baucus

The Reid Report: To the rescue: Nate Silver

The Reid Report: Ropeadope: some wonder if Obama played the left

Open Left: Howard Dean, Movement Leader (UPDATED)

AMERICAblog: Keith Olbermann eviscerates Obama, Reid & US Senate over health care reform fiasco

Open Left: 20 Answers on why the health care bill needs to die for Nate Silver

FiveThirtyEight: 20 Questions, 20 Responses

Daily Kos: 20 answers

Think Progress: The Progressive Case For Passing The Senate Health Bill

MyDD: Howard Dean

AMERICAblog: Good rebuttal to Nate Silver on the “benefits” of Senate HRC bill

Open Left: The politics of defeating the health care bill, continued

Daily Kos: Strip the mandate, and put GOP on the spot

FiveThirtyEight: 20 Questions for Bill Killers

madfloridian: DFA: Bill doesn’t really “cover” 30 million more…just fines them if they don’t buy insurance

Open Left: If progressive want to kill the bill, they should support it as hard as possible

MyDD: Covering 30 Million Americans

AMERICAblog: Health care “experts” still want to pass the Senate health care bill

Open Left: Why does Nate Silver think Joe Lieberman is negotiating in good faith?

FiveThirtyEight: Why Progressives Are Batshit Crazy to Oppose the Senate Bill

Open Left: Joe Lieberman’s Healthcare Bill Is Worse Than Nothing. Kill It.

Daily Kos: Key Elements of Senate HCR Bill

Politico: President Obama’s troops break ranks on health care

Air America: (AUDIO) Wendell Potter: NO To Health Care Bill

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