Blast Off! Radio today at 4:00 pm EST: 2009: The Year That Sucked. A Lot.

I don’t know whether it’s too early in December for a year-in-review show, but as my travel-and-holiday schedule is likely to preclude my availability for another Monday show for the remainder of 2009, this is it for the year. And therefore, it’s a perfect time for Blast Off! Radio’s traditional year-end extravaganza!

Last year, there was a year-end show planned but never executed due to personal difficulties. But back in 2007, the year-end show had a very special title that I considered bringing back this year — it would be appropriate, after all — but in my more mature, calmer, somewhat-less-profane style of 2009, I thought I’d soften the blow just a bit.

So no F-bombs in this title. But let there be no doubt: 2009 was a thoroughly sucky year. And on today’s show, we’ll document the suckitude. Oh, I know the year wasn’t all bad — it saw the end of Drunky McStagger‘s presidency, for one very important thing. But the hope and change so fervently expected a year ago has been painfully slow in coming, and we find ourselves closing the curtain on 2009 having made little if any progress towards meaningful health care reform, equality for the GLBT community, an end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, etc., etc.

Therefore, for reasons political, personal, and global, it’s safe to say that 2009 has, for the most part, sucked out loud. And we’ll document the damage on the show this afternoon. We’ll also present a few year-end awards, including the coveted Yearly Schadenfreude award for 2009, and as always, your thoughts on the year almost past will be welcome through phone calls, chats, emails, and tweets.

Here’s how you can join in all the fun and frolicking:

TIME: 4:00 pm Eastern TODAY
Call in number: (646) 716-7543

Please make plans to join me for a long-awaited, much-deserved, and yet ever-so-much-fun eulogy to the latest Year That Sucked. Remember, there’s only one suckiest year ever … at least until 2010.

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One thought on “Blast Off! Radio today at 4:00 pm EST: 2009: The Year That Sucked. A Lot.

  1. The years come & go but that’s not the problem. What sucks is not the years but Sinfonian. Poor ignorant pretentious f-bomb drooling little creature; you the are the source of your own suckdom.