If *You* Don’t Work to Make America Better, Who Will?

Another video, one that might make a decent, low-key recruiting tool for the Florida Progressive Coalition. This one is hosted on YouTube, too, run through their not-very-good Flash transcode and compression utility, but it looks a little better than the last one because I “gamed” their transcode system a little this time:

The *big* point here is that almost anyone with a camcorder and cheap editing software can now make video editorials. I’m no great actor or speaker. If *I* can do it, so can you. I’ve been working on using AVI and the Xvid codec as my video delivery platform, and I finally have a method that gives better quality than Flash without using any more bandwidth. I’ll put out more information about this delivery system and how to use it after I make some more “test” videos to make sure everything works properly in all popular PC operating systems.

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One thought on “If *You* Don’t Work to Make America Better, Who Will?

  1. Good job, this one definitely worked better than the last one, although I prefer the previous one’s message because it was a little more issue-specific.