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Florida Progressive Coalition: 60 Small Donors to Go

The Hate Amendment: Dan Gelber on Amendment 2

The Hate Amendment: Another Problem With the Status Quo on Gay Marriage

The Hate Amendment: Why They’re Wrong, Part 9

The Hate Amendment: Shouldn’t More of Our Unions Be Doing This?

The Hate Amendment: Miami Beach Does the Right Thing

The Hate Amendment: Terrible Ad

The Hate Amendment: Why They’re Wrong, Part 8

The Hate Amendment: Times Are Changing

The Hate Amendment: Hate Breeds Hate

Florida Speaks: McCain Hates History, Troops Serving in Afghanistan

Florida Speaks: McCain Loves Castro

Florida Speaks: McCain Hates Veterans

Florida Speaks: WTF? McCain Now Supports A Timetable?

Florida Speaks: McCain Loves the Big Oil Money

Florida Speaks: Action Alerts

Florida Speaks: The Road to the White House

Kick Out Keller: Wow, Great Ad From Alan Grayson

The Buchanan Record: Thug Buchanan Will Win At Any Cost… Even If His Employees Are Paying The Price (Illegally)

The Buchanan Record: Buchanan Hates His Workers, Customers, Ethics, Campaign Laws

Florida Progressive Radio: The Big Show Jr.: Alison interviews Ellen Friedan of Fair Districts

Florida Progressive Radio: Stubborn Things: With Kane Gruber and Mark West

Florida Progressive Radio: The Mark Weaver Show: Special guests Tallahassee radio host Hans Meyer plus Stanford University Professor Martin Carnoy talking on his research on the best performing educational system in Latin America — Cuba’s — and what the U.S. can learn from it. Also, Miami International now strip searching passengers with X-ray

Florida Progressive Radio: Blast Off! Radio w/ Sinfonian: On tap for today: our FIRST ANNIVERSARY SHOW features a look at protesting, with guests from Code Pink in D.C. and Vermont, plus your phone calls

Florida Progressive Radio: The Wildcard: Today we’ll be talking with the organizers of the West Central Florida Federation of Labor Annual Labor Day Festival

Florida Progressive Radio: The Big Show Jr.: Alison and Kenny interview Bill Ramos, Candidate for Florida State House 81

Florida Progressive Radio: Friday Big Show: Kenny, Alison & Susan recap their trip to Netroots Nation

Florida Progressive Coalition: For Those That Are Interested

Florida Progressive Coalition: Fake Story

Florida Progressive Coalition: Tools of the Trade — Netroots Nation

Florida Progressive Coalition (Damien Filer): Know Charlie by the company he keeps

Florida Progressive Coalition: Winners & Losers

Florida Progressive Coalition: 10 Stories to Read

Florida Progressive Coalition: The View from Outside

Florida Progressive Coalition: Quick Hits

Florida Progressive Coalition: Around the State

Florida Progressive Coalition: From the FPC

Florida Progressive Coalition: Get a Job

Florida Progressive Coalition: Top of the Morning

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