10 Stories to Read

This is our regular feature where every day I do a post with the top 10 blog posts that I think people should read from the previous day. Posts are included here and ranked based on a combination of originality, focus on Florida, length (longer, more thorough analysis is better), quality of writing and impact of the story.

1. Progress Florida (Damien Filer) – You wanna see something really scary?: “The radical right wants to bleed dry the already anemic funding to our public schools. Why? Because it’s a lot easier to usher in another generation of Wal-Mart greeters and kids who will go on to be IED fodder when we don’t teach them to question what’s going on.”

2. Dan Gelber – Florida’s public education “reforms” failing to prepare for knowledge-based economy: “Monday morning’s air is full of irony. Governor Bush completes his weekend education summit where he and his surrogates declare that Florida’s public education system and workforce development is being transformed for the better. Meanwhile, in Miami-Dade and elsewhere school boards are struggling with whether to cut gifted programs, school security officers, enrichment programs or reading coaches; and community colleges and universities across Florida continue to curb enrollment and cut sections in science and technology classes all in response to the legislature’s budget cutting ax.”

3. Eye on Miami (gimleteye) – Crist and the Environment: “Is buying up sugar lands better than relying on expensive, risk and wrong-headed wells to store rainfall to supply the Everglades? Yes, yes, and yes…But there have been problems in the past, with state and federal acquisition of large tracts of land: the Frog Pond and the Holey Tract come to mind.”

4. FLA Politics (Progressive Florida) – FL-25: Restore the Everglades with Joe Garcia: “As the end of the quarter approaches this week, I would like to cover why Joe Garcia’s race is important, especially to progressives who want a Congress with more and better Democrats. As several commenters have mentioned on The Top Ten Races post at Open Left, Joe’s race against Bush rubberstamp Mario Diaz-Balart, could be a key symbol of the 2008 election.”

5. Florida Citizens for Science – Religion in Florida: “The story says that Florida is not quite as deeply religious as our Southern neighbors. However, I wish there was a way to break things down by regions in Florida. It seems that folks in the Panhandle of Florida do share their religious views with the more devout neighbors across the borders.”

6. FLA Politics – “Shades of Brown”: “Meanwhile, Florida’s moribund “environmental movement” – which has always provided cover for RPOFers in times of need – has apparently already forgotten Charlie’s oil drilling flip-flop…”

7. Sunshine Statements – Shame On You, Governor Chameleon: “He took his latest shameful turn yesterday, when he changed his stance on offshore oil drilling. He now supports letting the states decide, after having completely opposed drilling off Florida in his run for governor (and saying so to a number of journalists, including me, in 2006).”

8. Clint Curtis – Clint Curtis Testifies in Texas about Electronic Voting Risks: “It is unacceptable that our public elections have been sold off to private corporations who use secret software to tally our votes and have no oversight beyond a testing group funded by the companies themselves.”

9. Florida Netroots – Who’s running for Supervisor of Elections: “All too often, local and state level races go under-reported, even by the political blogosphere, in favor of the glitz and glamour of national politics. The trouble is, these smaller races are still very expensive campaigns to run and our candidates need your help.”

10. Adam4PD – Photographs, Signs and Weather: “There are a lot of decisions for a candidate to make when running for office.”

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