Calling your congress person

This morning I called Congressman Cliff Stearns. I wanted to urge him to vote against the Communications, Opportunity, Promotion and Enhancement (COPE) Act. The call was simple, took less than two minutes, and will hopefully be effective.

What is the COPE Act?
The COPE Act was proposed by lobbyists for Verizon, AT&T and other network holders. The Act would end Net neutrality and allow the infrastructure holders to charge at both ends of the pipeline. The upshot is, content providers with large cash supplies would get their data delivered more quickly than data from other sites–like this one. It is a blow to the freedom of information, and a blow to activist voices everywhere.

What can I do?
Visit Save the Internet’s Map and find out where your congressperson stands on the issue. Currently, our Representatives break down as follows:

Cliff Stearns: Against Net Neutrality
Michael Bilirakis: Against Net Neutrality
Jim Davis: Undecided on Net Neutrality

Call them. Chances are, you’ll speak to a staffer, like I did. The staffer I spoke with didn’t have a clue what I was talking about. However, she took my statement and my name and address so Congressman Stearns could get back to me on the issue.

What do I say?
There’s a pretty simple formula here:

  1. I am a concerned constituent
  2. I’d like to urge Congressman X to vote in favor of Net neutrality
  3. I don’t want my Internet controlled by select telecommunications companies
  4. The COPE Act is bad for the Internet and bad for America

Please call. Please visit Save The Internet. Make sure you give our future voices a fighting chance on the Web.

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One thought on “Calling your congress person

  1. not sure if this is how to email you….but this bail out is a mess!! as a registered voter, RN, veteran and responsible american,,,I am fed up…let the greedy rats on wall street pay for their greed….with their own money…they created an animated way to pocket money lots of it for too long…and now tax dollars 700 billion are going to be given to them…NO No No.
    How about tax dollars for unemployment? I can assure you that anyone that votes to give these poor run companies CEO’s any more outrageous amounts of money is never going to receive a vote from me. Enough. why aren’t the CEO’s stepping up and paying up?????