The Politics of Hate for 3/6

2008 was a rough election. Not just in that it was so long and so close, but that it was loaded with hate and hate-filled attacks on people based on their race, patriotism, gender or other things. Few, if any, of these attacks had any legitimacy or were based upon anything remotely like evidence. Conservatives recognize that this happened, but they say it was done equally by both sides. Complete nonsense, this was an overwhelmingly one-sided affair. Since the election, things have gotten significantly worse, as the Republican party has devolved into the party of hate. These posts will catalog the hate-filled rhetoric of the Republican Party and its conservative allies on a daily basis.

Attacks on Poor People

Comparison of Liberals or Democrats to Bad Guys

Disruption of Legitimate Events

Falsely Calling Liberals Socialist or Communist




Religious Hatred


Violence or Threats of Violence

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