Nope You’re Stupid

Two of the biggest things that bother me are people who say that the two parties (or worse when they say the two ideologies) are the same and engage in the same practices and politics AND the idea that people, particularly the media, treat people on the right who are insane as if they were serious people. Towards rectifying those misconceptions, I’m going to post a daily quote/action/etc. (on Facebook) from a mainstream conservative (no Fred Phelps’ here) who says something ridiculously inaccurate/hateful/wrong. I challenge any Republicans or Independents who think the things I’m arguing against up there to try to keep up with me. I will literally have no problem ever finding something from a mainstream conservative to post every day. So, by mainstream, I mean an elected official, a major member of the Republican party, or a media professional (or regular guest) who appears on television, non public-access radio or on the Internet in a big enough forum that they would have a similar audience size to television and radio. So these aren’t the kooks. These are the people driving opinion, politics and policy on the right. And to reinforce that the media shouldn’t be taking these people seriously, I will offer no further comment than a simple “Nope, you’re stupid.” These things aren’t worth further responses than that, they’re saying things that are crazy and/or evil.

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