So you might have noticed a name change and the elimination of Florida stuff from the sidebar. I’m permanently in Washington, D.C. and the Florida Progressive Coalition blog wasn’t being updated with much in the way of Florida content. There were a few contributors who were posting from time to time, but not sufficiently to maintain the blog. I want to thank the people who helped out with the blog over the years and I wish the Florida blogosphere well, hoping that many of the great people I met throughout the years will continue the work we started back in 2005 and earlier.

This blog is not dead. The focus is going to shift both out of necessity and out of new interests that I have developed in recent years, mostly based on labor issues (my new professional field) and building and educating the progressive movement. That’s what the future focus of the blog will be.

The new title comes from the previous post, which is really one of my main areas of interest these days.

Old information will not disappear from the website. All of the old Florida posts and the Florida wiki will remain and the wiki is likely to continue to be updated in the future.

Thanks, Florida. I wish you the best. Let me know if you need anything.

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