2012 Netroots Awards

It’s that time of year again, the 2012 Netroots Awards are about to begin. Before we get to the nomination process, I want to open up the categories a bit for discussion. A few things first. The awards are are no longer sponsored by the now-defunct Florida Democratic Party Netroots Coalition, they are sponsored by FPC. They are still going to be nominated democratically and voted upon the same way. The awards will not be given out by me, but by the readers of the blogs and the followers of the campaigns. I will not decide who is progressive enough and will only disqualify Republicans and anyone else on the right (including Libertarians). Liberals, progressives, leftists, socialists, Democrats (even moderate ones) are eligible for nomination. If you don’t think someone is progressive enough, it’s up to you to vote against them and to recruit others to vote against them. I will not red flag them for you. The other rules from the past are still in effect, particularly the rule about not winning the same award two years in a row. I’ll be setting up a more formal way to make nominations this year to help avoid problems that came up last year. Beyond that anything else is up for discussion, publicly or privately and I’ll make a decision based on what makes sense and is fair.

Below is the list of last year’s categories, which might need some adjustment. If you have questions, comments or suggestions, e-mail them to me at quinnelk@hotmail.com or leave them in comments.

1. Best National Blog: Blogs written by Floridians that covers primarily national politics.

2. Best State Blog: Blogs about statewide politics in Florida.

3. Best Local Blog: Blogs about city/county/regional politics in the state of Florida.

4. Best Media Blog: Blogs written by professional journalists at Florida publications.

5. Best Professional Blog: Blogs written by state or local political parties, candidates or party operatives in Florida.

6. Best Party Website: Best Florida-wide website associated with a political party or political party unit (such as a caucus or coalition).

7. Best Candidate Website: Anyone running for statewide or local office in Florida can win this one.

8. Best Local Party Website: This one is for Florida DECs, clubs or local chapters of statewide caucuses or coalitions.

9. Best Interest Group Website: Any Florida-based nonparty activist, charitable or grassroots group.

10. Best Writer: Anyone whose writings is published at any of the above websites is eligible for this one. Winners should have one or more of the following qualities: good grammar and presentation, provides original reporting, has a good sense of humor, shows creativity, has a strong personal touch, or has an effect on the real world because of their writing

11. Netroots Candidate of the Year: The Florida candidate at any level who has best incorporated the Netroots into her/his campaign and done the best job of treating Netroots activists as valid constituents and not just another group of people to exploit.

12. Netroots Activist of the Year: The individual who has done the most to advance the goals and activities of the progressive Netroots in the state of Florida.

13. Rookie Activist of the Year: The individual who has doe the most to advance the goals and activities of the progressive Netroots in the state of Florida who is relatively new to Netroots activism in the state. Anyone who has been previously nominated in ANY category or has more than three years Netroots-related experience in Florida is ineligible for this award.

14. Netroots Organization of the Year: The organization that has done the most to advance the goals and activities of the progressive Netroots in the state of Florida.

15. Best New Blogger: This one should go to the best blogger who has been blogging about Florida politics for no more than a year and a half.

16. Best Online Campaign: This is an award for the best use of the web and related technologies to achieve some kind of goal, such as fundraising, fighting legislation or other activism.

17. Best Use of Twitter: Any Floridian who uses Twitter and whose posts incorporate the following qualities: good use of the language, original reporting, a good sense of humor, creativity, a strong personal touch and an effect on the real world because of their writing.

18. Best Overall Use of Social Media: The best use of the various social media sites (Twitter, Facebook and other similar sites) in accomplishing political goals.

19. Best Post: The best-written post since last year’s awards.

20. Best Ongoing Series: The best regular feature that incorporates at least five posts since last year’s awards.

21. Best Online Multimedia Post: The best progressive/liberal/Democratic online audio, radio or video production — this is for one-shots.

22. Best Online Ongoing Multimedia Project: The best progressive/liberal/Democratic online audio, radio or video production — this is for ongoing series.

23. Most Creative Work: This is for the progressive/liberal/Democratic online writing/music/art/multimedia that shows the most creativity and artistic merit.

24. Florida Progressive Coalition Progressive Hall of Fame: FPC is sponsoring a virtual “Progressive Hall of Fame” that should be awarded as sort of a lifetime achievement award to a person or organization (amateur or professional) that has made a significant contribution towards making Florida a bluer, more progressive state. This award may have more than one recipient.

25. Progressive Courage Award: Florida politician or political activist who has been a leader on a particular progressive issue in the last year, making a difference in the lives of Floridians.

26. Best use of E-mail: We’re all inundated with e-mail from campaigns and organizations. This award goes to the liberal, progressive or Democratic organization or candidate that best uses their e-mail list. “Best” is obviously a subjective term, but we’re talking about a balance of an acceptable frequency of sending e-mails and quality of the e-mails sent.

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One thought on “2012 Netroots Awards

  1. Ken, my Blog is very different from any others (of which I am aware)–a look back at a special time of achievement for the Florida Legislature to better address today’s issues. I really don’t think a Blog like mine fits many, if any of your categories. Maybe an additional category like:

    Best Unusual Blog