Fla. Progressive Political Post of the Day — Political Hurricane

Trotter’s Editorial: Scott Randolph can give Florida Democrats our “Yes We Can!” moment:

Since 2010, many progressives have stated that the way for the Democratic Party to get back on track is the dump this Clinton-era DLC type of thinking and become true liberals. We have seen the Republicans do this on the right, and many think that the way that we can win is by doing the exact same thing on the left. As my co-editor Kartik Krisnaiyer hinted, the voters that “swing” the election aren’t those in the middle, but instead the base turnout. Many in the Democratic Party agree with this philosophy.

Using the example above in Illinois, Republicans were able to rally their base around a crazy candidate and win a Congressional race because of two things. First, moderate or “independent” voter turnout is much less in mid-term elections. Therefore rallying your base is essential, because that is all that shows up. Second, Democrats weren’t motivated to vote. This is partly Obama’s fault for trying to please Republicans. But it was also Bean’s fault for not motivating voters. Therefore, those on the far right, and I argue that those on the left, can win so-called “swing” district.

So let’s move away from Illinois and focus on Florida. Of course, over the course of the last few weeks, a lot of people are wondering if Scott Randolph is going to run for his State House seat or Florida Democratic Party chair, or even both. Of course, we will find out soon enough.

What is interesting is that we are in a unique position with Scott Randolph. Because the Republicans have gerrymandered the State House map, specifically to split Winter Park liberals into three districts, they have made Rep. Randolph’s district more of a Democratic-Republican split seat than a pure Democratic seat that Randolph was safe in previously.

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