New Group Poised to Challenge “War on Women”

The War on Women, the battle for affordable healthcare, and how we were all offended on behalf of Sandra Fluke this week…

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New Group Poised to Challenge “War on Women”

• Virginia legislators recently tried to enact an invasive, mandatory “trans-vaginal ultrasound”
measure for women seeking abortions.
• In Mississippi, lawmakers took a cue from Virginia and are now pushing the same type of
regressive, restrictive legislation.
• Texas Governor, Rick Perry, has decided to deny funding to Planned Parenthood and other
abortion providers under the Texas Women’s Health Program.
• GOP presidential candidates want to end Medicaid funding and turn it into state-by-state bloc
• Personhood legislation and amendments are being actively pushed through state legislatures in
attempts to criminalize contraception and family planning.
• State laws regarding voter registration designed to suppress voter turnout especially among poor
women, seniors and minorities are already in place and spreading.

A new and growing movement called Unite Against The War On Women is poised to push back on
measures like this, with protest marches and rallies across the country on Saturday, April 28.

The newly-minted organization has garnered more than 17,000 members nationally in less than two
weeks in the wake of of Virginia’s “trans-vaginal ultrasound” bill and other pending legislation.

Unite Women is saying, “Enough is enough,” and is mobilizing women and men to push back,
according to Karen Teegarden, founder of the new organization. In addition to the April 28 actions,
Unite Women is also looking long-term to future actions and activity for the group.

“We will not suffer the burdens of those whose ambitions would be fulfilled by the destruction of the
human worth of mothers, sisters and daughters of this great nation,” Teegarden said.

While the immediate impetus for Unite Women is the assault on reproductive rights, Teegarden sees
the threat to women inclusive of other concerns, including education, workplace equality, voter
suppression and crimes against women and children.

“This war on women must be resisted, and won, before the toxic effects of the current national
conversation become irrevocable reality,” she added.

Unite Against The War On Women can be followed at or

And, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz appeared on “Meet the Press” to discuss the “War on Women”, Rush Limbaugh, the Blunt-Rubio legislation, and access to affordable healthcare for women:

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

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