Uniting Against the War on Women


The rallying cry for a growing movement on Facebook



Earlier this week, I started receiving messages about a group of women organizing to protest against the War on Women. Behind it all?  A Michigan woman named Karen Teegarden.

Her impetus for organizing this grassroots movement, which is spreading like wildfire across the fifty states, is best described in her own words. The following letter was a recent Facebook post in response to the overwhelming enthusiasm with which her organizing efforts have been received by women and some men across America:

A note from Karen Teegarden


I must begin this post by thanking Desiree Jordan. During a venting session on the phone late last Saturday night, we both could not believe that someone hadn’t organized a march for our voices to be heard. The legislation and rhetoric against women’s rights was multiplying at such a fast rate and we were angry. Saying goodbye, Desi said we should just do it. Of course, how many times have we said things like that only to go on with our daily tasks?

Something changed in me that night. I hung up the phone and for the first time ever, created a Facebook group. Organizing Against The War On Women was intended to share with my friends in hopes that we might be able to get some kind of event going.

One week later, we have over 10,000 passionate members, some with amazing experience and some complete novices, united in a common cause to regain our voices and fight the forces trying to take us back decades.

I now realize we have tapped into something much larger than our events on April 28th. My vision has evolved from a one day march against the war on our rights to uniting men and women in protecting and advancing women’s voices for the long term. As long as there is a war on women’s rights, we’ll continue to fight back.

To that end, we are announcing our new name “Unite Against The War On Women”. We have purchased the URL UniteWomen.org which will now feed into the public Facebook page.

We will be changing the banners on all pages to our new logo and posting our new square logo to use for profile pics and two versions of our mission statement…a red version and a white version for ease of printing. All of these can be found in Photos.

I cannot begin to express how excited and proud I am of all of you for wanting to make a difference.

As a friend said to me yesterday, “These legislators and extremists picked the wrong people to have a war with!”

Exactly one week ago we were 2 angry voices. Now we’re over 10,000 and counting. And people are starting to take notice.


In a week’s time, more than 10,000 people have connected with this growing movement and plans for regional marches in each state have developed. How did this grow from one woman expressing her frustration to a friend to a national rallying cry that has called thousands of women together to organize for social actions in their own hometowns? Behold the power of social media.

While these grassroots political activists largely seem new to the world of organizing, their enthusiasm appears to be compensating for whatever experience gap there may be.

R.S. Pienta is a professor of Education and Women’s Studies who occasionally appears as a contributing writer on gender issues, politics, and public policy for the Florida Progressive Coalition. In 2011, her writing on women and political advocacy was featured in the edited collection The 21st Century Motherhood Movement: Mothers Speak Out on Why We Need to Change the World and How to Do It. She is currently working on a Women’s Studies book for the McGraw Hill Taking Sides series.

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7 thoughts on “Uniting Against the War on Women

  1. Karen is inspiring women to speak up and participate! We honor her courage and look forward to 4/28/2012 as being a day that puts everyone on notice that we will not be silenced back into the dark ages. Women of America…Unite!

  2. Kind of a back handed slap at the end if you ask me.

    “While these grassroots political activists largely seem new to the world of organizing, their enthusiasm appears to be compensating for whatever experience gap there may be.” ???

  3. Many of these so called “inexperienced people” as you call them have been involved in Politcal Activism on the National Stage for quite a number of years. Why would you try and demean people that you don’t know and you could have no clue as what their experience it. Have you ever gotten a movement up this quickly in 8 days? I doubt it!!!!

  4. The following press release was distributed by march organizers this morning:

    From Karen Teegarden
    UniteWomen.Org Official Press Release:

    All across the country, through legislative proposals, government regulations, and political rhetoric, war is being waged upon women, their bodies, their private interests, and their right to self-determination. This is occurring without, and in spite of, the participation of the same women being affected by these actions, and whose futures, and those of their families, are being unilaterally determined.

    In this modern era of limits, people in power are in a race to divide the spoils of power, and the means being used are becoming more and more shortsighted. Saturn has devoured his son, and now looks to his daughters.

    Our organization is determined to see that this race to the bottom does not claim the rights and liberties of over one half of the populace. We will not suffer the burdens of those whose ambitions would be fulfilled by the destruction of the human worth off the mothers, sisters and daughters of this great nation.

    Enough is enough.

    While the logic of the disaffection of the majority of the electorate is impossible to understand, we cannot afford to wait and see how this all works out. This war on women must be resisted, and won, before the toxic effects of the current national conversation become irrevocable reality. We have been denied a seat at the table, but will not be denied our humanity.

    Please join us in changing the dialogue and refocusing attention toward the very serious issues this nation faces, and away from the disingenuous and perversely pornographic focus upon the sexual organs of our mothers, sisters and daughters, and their relationship with their physicians and their own bodies.

    The issues include:

    Reproductive rights
    Woman’s health issues
    Crimes against women and children
    Workplace equality

    There is a very real and growing non-partisan concern that women are being sacrificed upon the altar of ambition, and we are determined to deny Saturn his second course.

    Thank for your help and support. Your mother, and your mother’s mother, and all women everywhere would be proud.

  5. For equality for all women and all people everywhere! (In as much as ye do it unto one the least of my brethern, ye do it unto me.)

  6. Hey Rs Pienta,
    Speaking of which, With the nation still feeling the reverberation of the housing market crash and still dealing with the aftermath of the mortgage and lending meltdown, there is much talk about the need to apply stricter regulations to the mortgage industry. Despite losses that have left some of the largest names in banking and lending reeling, people who are associated with or members of the mortgage industry are coming together to fight the prospect of further regulation.
    Kindest Regards

  7. Please please create an alternative to Facebook. Create a GooglePlus page, activate UniteWomen.org and make contact via that possible… something. I will not join FB on principal, and I suspect there are a good number of others tou there as well. Perhaps you will have so many that you need not make an alternative, I hope that not tens of thousands get active, I hope it is more like hundreds of thousands and more.

    Kind Regards