It’s Not About Rick Scott (Commentary)

Florida politics these days is very much like national politics were during the George W. Bush years. In both, you had an executive who was incompetent and probably evil (by whatever definition you use) and rightfully, there was lots of focus and attention on that executive (George W. Bush then, Rick Scott now). But what a lot of activists did then, and what a lot of them are doing now, is focusing on that executive as the key problem we face.

It wasn’t then and it isn’t now.

The real problem is conservatives and, in particular, conservative Republicans. They are on a systematic mission to change the political system in the state to an extreme right-wing utopia in which there is little to no government, no rights or protections for average Floridians and no recourse for the rest of us to stop them and their corporate and wealthy allies from doing whatever they want. This is something way beyond Rick Scott. Do you really think Gov. Bill McCollum would’ve been any better? Clearly Mike Haridopolos and Dean Cannon are on board. As is every other major Republican in the state.

That’s why I’m excited to see activity like Florida Watch Action’s Pink Slip Puppets and Progress Florida’s focus on Pam Bondi. I have to disagree with Peter Schorsch on both the substance of FWA’s attack on Chris Dorworth (I think it’s a good video) and on the importance of spotlighting people like Dorworth, who is just as dangerous as the rest of these conservatives, but is a lot less well-known by Floridians. These types of campaigns serve a vital public interest by helping to expose the up an coming right-wing leaders before they do the damage that we know they are capable of. If we keep this up, we may even be able to stop some of them…

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One thought on “It’s Not About Rick Scott (Commentary)

  1. “Origins of the debt showdown” is a Washington Post that details exactly what KQ has stated.

    And unfortunately, we have seen the creation of this conservative utopia before, leading up to the days of GWB. Dick Cheney started that ball rolling years prior and it wouldn’t surprise me if Jeb Bush hasn’t taken up that role here in Florida.