More on the Donut Fiasco

Video of Floridians giving Rick Scott pink slips as he “works”:

Florida Watch Action’s press release this morning:

Gov. Rick Scott has launched a donut offensive, serving donuts to the press and to the public in a thinly-veiled effort to redirect attention from his job-killing policies. Over 900,000 Floridians are currently out of work and unemployment rate remains at 10.6%.

For example, Gov. Scott’s relentless attack on government and public safety workers has led to layoffs in the public sector, the likes of which Florida hasn’t seen in over a decade.

Almost 5,000 state government employee full-time positions have been eliminated:

- 1,215 from Department of Juvenile Justice;

- 933 from the Department of Children and Families;

- 1,602 from the State Personnel System in Lee County;

- 549 from the State Personnel System in Collier County;

- 827 from the State Personnel System in Charlotte County;

- 1,000 Pinellas County teachers;

- 1,200 Pasco County teachers;

- 1,400 Broward County teachers.

The Governor seems to think that these layoffs won’t affect the private sector but when one realizes that consumer-oriented business relies on demand, the bleak economic outlook starts to come into focus. After all, without a job how can one buy a donut?

Despite all of this, Gov. Rick Scott still thinks it’s “time to make the donuts.”

Rep. Scott Randolph’s response (for which I couldn’t include the great graphics):

While Rick Scott was busy handing out sugary donuts this morning, let’s not forget he and his Republican friends in Tallahassee have been handing out donuts to Florida citizens all year. Don’t glaze over these ½ dozen duds they’ve already handed out:

– NOTHING. That’s how much Florida will receive after the Republican legislature rejected a federal grant given to our state funding community health centers providing care to the uninsured. RESULT: $8.3 million lost by Florida’s underinsured. -New York Times, August 1, 2011, ‘Rejecting Health Care Funds, Florida loses millions.’

– Forget spending money to protect children. Republican leaders turned down federal funds to prevent child abuse, simply because they came from the Affordable Health Care Act. RESULT: $52.7 million lost by Florida’s children. -Orlando Sentinel, July 21, 2011; ‘Florida rejects child-abuse prevention funds tied to health care law.’

– Grandma isn’t coming home. Rick Scott and the Republican legislature rejected another grant to keep Florida seniors out of nursing homes. RESULT: Florida’s seniors lost $35.7 million. -News Service Florida, May 27, 2011, ‘Florida will not receive $35.7 million money follows the person grant.’

– ZERO. That is the rebate amount Rick Scott is trying to make sure 340,000 eligible Floridians get back from their health care companies. RESULT: $60 million lost in rebates for overpaid premiums. -Central Florida New Channel 13, July 25, 2011, “Florida seeks waiver from health care rebate mandate.”

– ZIP. Rick Scott rejects more funds for High Speed Rail, leaving tens of thousands of Floridians out of work. RESULT: $2.4 BILLION taken away from Florida’s economy. -St. Pete Times, February 16, 2011, ‘Gov. Rick Scott rejects funding for high-speed rail.’

– Rick Scott and the Republican legislature zeroed out dollars for public school construction to fund charter schools instead. RESULT: $55 million less for public schools. -Orlando Sentinel, July 24, 2011, ‘Charters get $55 million for upkeep, other schools get zero.’

–On the other hand, Rick Scott—with direct approval from the Republican legislature—added a few extra zeroes to his taxpayer-funded political appointments’ salaries, giving many as much as a $20,000 raise. – The Reid Report, March 28, 2011, ‘Rick Scott: pay cuts for union workers …raises for his appointees.’

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One thought on “More on the Donut Fiasco

  1. Governor Scott, you are no Bob Graham! Guess you got your ass handed to you. I could have told you that. Who are your people?