The Political Is Personal (Important Reading)

From Aaron Krager:

Apathy. Despair. Anger. Confusion.

Maybe we should throw our hands up in the air and walk away from it all. Politicians in our state capitols and in D.C. simply do not listen nor do they empathize with the everyday working American.

I was speaking with a neighbor recently who voiced his complete displeasure at Washington. His emotions and his disgust forced his hand. He is ready to call it day and give up.

It might be easier for us all to not pay attention or dig deep for the truth in the face of all of the public relations spin. The sheer amount of energy needed for political change is taxing on the mind and body. All of the beltway talk mixes together to form a fog of information – sifting through the half-truths and lies of omission is beyond frustrating.

We could rehash the 2008 Obama campaign promise of change and its subsequent failure. But we all know the severity of our own disappointment and doing so is only good in academic settings. In life we have to live and learn. Thus, if we can takeaway one lesson from the entire event; it must be the campaign’s slogan, “Yes We Can.” It was not “Yes I Can.” It was the we in the slogan that mattered and still does today. We really are the change we have been waiting for… yes another slogan quotation. A single person like Barack Obama cannot and will never be the vehicle for massive change. Only the people can do it.

With so much riding on the election we put all our eggs into one basket. Yet, when that basket fell to earth the eggs broke and we were surprised and more than upset. We have to diversify our movements because no one person is enough – human beings are flawed through personalities, temptations or sheer blindness to another ideal.

The Civil Rights movement was not won by Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. alone. There was Medgar Evers, Rosa Parks, Ralph Abernathy, Malcolm X and many others including bus loads of protesters coming together.

Collective action… collective voices… collective ideas… a collective movement. The we is the focal point and the only way to do that is to overcome the apathy, despair, anger and confusion.

See through the fog, take a deep breath, find a little happiness inside and stop sitting on the sidelines.

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