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The latest news items of importance in Florida politics.

*Florida GOP Rejects Money To Fight Child Abuse And Neglect. Your Florida Republicans at work doing the will of a very small percentage of the people.

*Sen. Mandy Dawson is in trouble. Democrats have to be more careful than this. We have to be the party of scrupulous ethics.

*Seems like the State Board of Administration is doing a pretty good job investing the state’s money. I’m sure Rick Scott et al., will change that very quickly.

*Alan Hays lies about using tax dollars to sue the people over fair districts. Oh, and about the legislature suing to fight fair districts.

*Marco Rubio has paid off his debt and is starting to build a warchest. It’d be nice if some Democrat(s) got prepared to start fighting him, although it is early.

*Will Weatherford called a 'state legislator to watch’. Wait, shouldn’t we be watching all of these Republican legislators?

*Luis Garcia is officially in against David Rivera. Strikes me as a good thing.

*Report: Florida is one of three states with most toxic air. Strikes me as a bad thing.

*FEA files lawsuit on Amendment 7. This amendment is obviously unconstitutional under the federal Constitution.

*Even when Republicans like Connie Mack do the right thing and vote agains the nonsensical “Cut, Cap and Balance” Act, they do it for the wrong reasons.

*It looks like Mark Weaver is back online. Good. He and I agreed on the issues almost completely, but we frequently disagreed on interpretation and strategy. Even so, it’s good to have more voices on the left being heard.

*The ACLU and Palm Beach County Medical Soceity are seeking to join the lawsuit against Docs and Glocks. Good.

*Conservative veterans PAC endorses Mike McCalister for Senate. In equally important news, my cats endorse Bill Nelson.

*Anti-abortion activists take pictures and harrass doctor at his Orlando home. No matter what you think about abortion, this is unacceptable. Lest you forget, abortion is legal in the U.S.

*Is Connie Mack rethinking U.S. Senate? Considering none of the other Republicans can beat Bill Nelson, he might as well.

*Final Congressional Campaign finance numbers for second quarter | Saint Petersblog

*Craig Miller lies about how many jobs he’s created.

*The South Florida Tea Party makes it easy for us to know which businesses to boycott in South Florida. Hopefully, they’ll do this everywhere.

*Florida abstinence education programs short on health specifics. Well, when you put Republicans in charge of science, they always get it wrong.

*American Future Fund, Concerned Women of America, FreedomWorks all back Hasner. We get it, Adam Hasner is a wingnut.

*Dean Cannon deserves some of the blame for Mike Haridopolos dropping out | Saint Petersblog. Okay, I’ll buy it.

*Rantings from Florida: Grayson Playing It Wise For Now. Not sure I buy Jake’s logic, but worth a read.

*State agencies asked to draw up plans for a 10 percent budget cut. Or, more accurately, “Rick Scott continues to assault state workers and destroy the Florida economy.”

*Paul Oetken is the first openly gay man to be confirmed to serve as a federal judge. It’s about time.

*Who wins, who loses with Mike Haridopolos dropping out of US Senate race | Saint Petersblog. I’m mostly in agreement with this.

*Wait, Mitt Romney is associated with people with questionable ethics? I’m sure he’ll immediately be drummed out of the Republican Party.

*Allen West pours cold water on talks of a U.S. Senate run. Sounds about right.

*Redistricting could pit Democrats Grayson, Demings in a primary fight. This would be bad.

*Republicans in DC, Tally, turn to tax breaks for jobs. Good to know that in time of crisis, Republicans are turning to failed solutions.

*Tim Pawlenty beefs up Florida staff. Or, more accurately, “Republicans in Florida find temporary work.”


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