RickScottCare?? (From the Inbox)

From Progress Florida:

Gov. Rick Scott has a plan for the health care of Florida’s children, seniors, and disabled, and it’s not good. His plan is nothing less than a corporate takeover of Medicaid, with HMOs managing the care of our state’s most vulnerable. The Legislature passed Gov. Scott’s plan, but it requires a number of rules to be waived by the Obama Administration (through the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services). We need your help to protect Florida’s most vulnerable from Gov. Scott.

Write the Obama Administration and urge them to deny Gov. Scott’s plan to allow a corporate takeover of Medicaid.

Florida has already tried privatizing Medicaid, and it didn’t work. Since 2006, five counties have participated in a pilot program where profit-driven HMOs dictated the care Medicaid recipients received. A recent study by researchers at Georgetown University showed the program didn’t work, stating: “There is no clear evidence that the managed care pilot programs are saving money, and if they are whether it is through efficiencies or at the expense of needed care.1”

Medicaid covers our poorest citizens, many of whom are children, disabled, or reside in nursing homes. As a public program accountable to taxpayers, it has also controlled costs far better than corporate insurance companies2. The Obama Administration needs to make sure Florida puts people first, not profits.

Write the Obama Administration and tell them Floridians don’t want Gov. Scott’s corporate takeover of Medicaid.

In recent weeks, Floridians have spoken out against the corporate takeover of Medicaid at a number of public hearings. Caregivers, doctors, and recipients alike oppose Gov. Scott’s plan. Let’s make sure the Obama Administration hears from all of us.

For progress,

Mark, Jon, and the rest of the Progress Florida team

1“Florida Medicaid – An Updated Assessment, April 2011 (.pdf)” By Joan Alker and Jack Hoadley. Georgetown Health Policy Institute, funded by the Jessie Ball duPont Fund. April 5, 2011.

2“Medicaid Holds Down Costs Better Than Private Insurance (.pdf)” Florida Center For Fiscal and Economic Policy. April 2011.

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