The 2011 Session Madness Winner Is…

Session Madness

With more than 150 people voting to determine the worst bill of the 2011 Florida Legislative Session, the voters have spoken and 60% of you chose the Elections Bill as the worst bill of the 2011 Session. From the League of Women Voters description of the bill:

“Not only does the bill make it more difficult for voters to participate in our democracy via a decrease in early voting and new policies regarding address changes at the polls, it also imposes an undue burden on groups such as ours that work to register voters.

“Under the false pretext of reducing ‘fraud,’ Florida’s legislative leaders have instituted a law that will shut down the efforts of groups such as the League, the Boy Scouts, student groups, civic organizations and others who undertake the important task of helping citizens get registered to vote.”

There is no question that this bill is an assault on democracy and is dangerous to the economic, educational and political future of the state of Florida. But I wonder if the fact that activists are so focused on this bill shows a disconnect with the voters. Again, I think this bill is terrible, but it doesn’t connect very well with the issues that the average voters are concerned about. It’s difficult to message on this particular issue as a candidate, as an interest group or as a party. It’s clear that if Florida’s progressives are going to change the future of the state, we’re going to have to start winning more elections. Does focusing on this bill help us do that? I think it certainly does for the progressives who work in the courtroom — pursuing changes to t his bill via the legal system seems a very good approach to me, but should the rest of us be focused on this or focused on figuring out how to get rid of the people who passed this bill in the first place…

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