Nicole Sandler Arrested for Exercising Her Free Speech Rights at Allen West Town Hall

Radio host and uber-progressive Nicole Sandler, who is a constituent of Allen West’s, was under the apparently-mistaken impression that when a sitting member of Congress holds a “town hall” that it is a public event where you are allowed to ask questions of the person who represents them. She was under that impression because that’s how members of Congress have always conducted town halls and that’s kind of a basic feature of democracy — being able to ask your representative questions. West’s response — and the response of the conservatives in the crowd — was to turn into a bully and to have Sandler arrested on a nonsensical “tresspassing” charge. It seems one of the latest tactics Republicans like West are using is to hold “town halls” at private locations so they can have anybody that doesn’t agree with them arrested for presuming to want actual representation from their member of Congress. But this wasn’t a campaign event and as a government representative, I don’t see how West has the right to deny attendance to constituents at a publicly-advertised “town hall” event.

Video of the arrest and mistreatment of Sandler:

And I note the potential hypocrisy of who I assume is Shark Tank blogger Javier Manjarres, who chastises Sandler for “disrupting” the town hall while not condemning the much more disruptive conservative tactics at the health care town halls led by Democrats a while back.

It’s likely Sandler will have some new legal fees to pay in connection with this incident. You can donate to help her cause here:

Much more detail here, including Sandler getting put in solitary and being maced in jail.

Also: Jack and Jill Politics has a much more negative take on West’s nonsense.

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