From the Inbox: Florida citizen with disabilities files a legal challenge to Gov. Scott

From Florida Legal Services, Inc.:

Rosalie Whiley, a Florida citizen and taxpayer with disabilities, filed a petition yesterday in the Florida Supreme Court challenging Governor Scott’s Executive Order 11-01, which suspended rulemaking powers by state agencies under his direction and transfers rulemaking powers from agency heads to the Governor’s new Office of Fiscal Accountability and Regulatory Reform. At the heart of the petition is a challenge to the legality of the Governor’s action in suspending rule making, and an assertion that the order oversteps the executive branches authority.

Ms. Whiley was moved to take action when the executive order halted rulemaking that would have simplified the reapplication process for food stamps. Ms. Whiley explained, “The Department of Children and Family Services application for the food stamp program was slated to be fixed so that I, as a blind person, could apply more easily online. But the Governor’s new order has stopped the agency from moving forward. That’s not right.”

Although the Governor has stated that the impetus for the Order is to curtail unnecessary restrictions on regulation of businesses and professions, the Order creates a new layer of governmental bureaucracy and has triggered suspension of agency activities that are urgently needed to protect vulnerable low-income citizens of Florida. Mr. D’Alemberte noted, “Unless the Supreme Court acts immediately, Florida law will be suspended by a branch of government with no authority to do so.”

Ms. Whiley is represented by attorneys with Florida Legal Services, Inc. (FLS) and by Talbot “Sandy” D’Alemberte and Patsy Palmer of D’Alemberte & Palmer in Tallahassee. FLS attorney Cindy Huddleston said, “We have filed this petition on Ms. Whiley’s behalf to ask the Florida Supreme Court to issue a writ of quo warranto. This special writ means Ms. Whiley is questioning the Governor’s authority to suspend rulemaking.” Mr. D’Alemberte stated, “Ms. Whiley’s petition alleges the Governor’s Executive Order violates the Florida Constitution because the executive branch has noauthority to make and change laws relating to agency practice. That power belongs to the Legislature.”

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2 thoughts on “From the Inbox: Florida citizen with disabilities files a legal challenge to Gov. Scott

  1. Complete and utter nonsense. People on food stamps pay taxes. They pay sales tax, property tax if they own property, gas taxes and other taxes. In fact, many people on food stamps actually have jobs, so they are paying income and payroll taxes as well.