Rick Scott Facebook Townhall: “Sorry for the technical difficulties”

Florida Governor Rick Scott held a Facebook Townhall accepting questions from 7:15pm until 7:45pm, closing out a final message at 8:06pm, answering a total of 13 questions. The Facebook Townhall was a different medium from the twitter Townhall Scott held in January, which ended abruptly after one tweet had labled the Governor a “jackass.” Insults toward Scott did not end the Townhall this time, however no one seemed to be sure where questions were supposed to be posted and where Scott was going to answer them.
The delay of responses from Gov. Scott clued that there were issues from the beginning; the Townhall was a Facebook thread directly set up on the state website at flgov.com yet Scott posted this (link) as a first message on his facebook profile instead at about 7:40 pm, 25 minutes after the launch of what was supposed to be a 30 minute session:
captured at about 8 pm










A reaction from the state website Facebook feed on flgov.com:

In order to put a comment on his Facebook profile instead of the Governors feed on the state website, you have to “like” his page.

Scott answered questions as “hard hitting” as, “Debi Wachendorfer asked about property insurance” and “Eric Parsons asks what about Florida Agriculture? Any plans?”

Unlike his profile page, where lukewarm questions of already-fans were being “answered”, questions from concerned Floridians were inflating the feed on the Governor’s state website where the facebook Townhall was meant to take place:





This was also among them (notice the “likes”):

I had a question of my own:

The comment from Leaflet blog had dropped from the top of the feed to several comments below despite it being there after refreshing the page and that no new comments were posted afterward. There isn’t evidence as to why but I will say it’s disappointing not to see Scott’s caricature on the top of Florida’s state website.



Scott ended his final note at 8:06pm with this message:

Yes Governor, we sent our ideas – and it appears you don’t want to look at them.

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