Rick Scott’s Conflict of Interest

Palm Beach Post:

As Florida Gov. Rick Scott reorganizes health agencies, cuts spending and pushes for new free-market health policies, his ownership of Solantic, the urgent care chain, increasingly poses conflict of interest questions.

Solantic co-founder Karen Bowling says Scott has taken steps to distance himself from the chain. He stopped regular business calls with her after he was elected.

“I don’t talk to him anymore. Not since November. Really not much since April,” Bowling said.

Scott left the privately held company’s board of directors in January 2010, during his campaign.

But the most important step the governor must take to avoid a conflict of interest, some ethics experts say, is to divest his Solantic interests.

In January, Scott did transfer his Solantic stock – to his wife.

So, then, Scott didn’t transfer his Solantic stock. It’s still under his direct control. And he will directly benefit financially from policies he is proposing. That’s not only a conflict of interest, it certainly should be illegal if it isn’t already. Too bad we don’t have a recall option around here…


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