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This is our regular feature where every day I do a quick post with the top posts/stories that I think people should read from the previous day.

1. Progressive Florida’s diary – Reporting the State House and Senate Districts: “Here’s the deal. My overall goal is to have a report for every state house and senate district in the state. These reports should include information on the district (demographics, changes in area, past federal and state election results), information on the most recent district election (issues, financial contest, results), information on our 2008 prospects (Is there a challenger….if so, who are they and how is their campaign going?), and any other relevant information on the district.”

2. Broward’s Blog – Former inmate files federal lawsuit claiming he was denied HIV medication: “During the three months he spent in a Broward County jail, Kevin Sauve made request after request for HIV medication. Not one was granted, according to a lawsuit recently filed in Fort Lauderdale federal court.”

3. Draft Democrat Joe Garcia for Congress – Five Actions to Get Joe In: “There are several things you can do to help encourage Joe to get in the race, including signing up to blog here!”

4. Flablog – Secret sports welfare: “It’s good to have Troxler back and just in time to be outraged at the official secrecy surrounding the Rays’ ballpark project and the sneaky way this was kept out of this past election.”

5. Eye on Miami – I am so tired of schools being used by Developers as bribes and bargaining chips! Just fund the f–king schools: “If it isn’t the gambling lobby it is Lowes Big Box Home Store trying to bribe the neighborhood and the commissioners to get zoning perks: in the name of schools. Bullshit.”

6. Why Now? – Dumbing Down The US: “Someone else saw this first, and when I find the reference I’ll link to it, but if you are interested in the US mortgage meltdown, you have to read the European papers to find out about it. Outside of a few specialty newspapers, there is almost no national reporting on this disaster, and be aware it is a disaster. This is going to end up worse than the savings and loan mess, and the national press isn’t reporting on it.”

7. Eye on Miami – Careless: a short review of Florida newspaper blog sites: “I was looking for background facts and went to the Miami Herald blog, ‘Naked Politics.’ Of course, newspapers sell newsprint and the new media can’t get its hands around a working revenue model. But can’t you try a little harder, McClatchy?”

8. Incertus – Battlestar Academia: “I’ve mentioned this before, I think, but it bears repeating– the fact that I have the protection of a tenure-track job has as least as much to do with good luck and fortunate timing as any intellectual qualifications on my part (in fact, I’ve said repeatedly– and sincerely– that Emily is much smarter than I am; those of you who have been reading our blog posts these past few months probably understand what I’m saying). I was wrapping up my PhD work and getting my first publications in 2005– that fall, there were dozens of job listings for creative nonfiction egoists– er, essayists. There hasn’t been another year like that since, and there likely won’t be one again any time soon. So while most of my friends from grad school who write fiction, poetry, or scholarship are just as good (if not better) than I am, the market is unable to give them the jobs they deserve.”

9. Miami-Dade Dems – Vote on Jan. 29 — the mailers start: “I’ve been reading these emails on the Florida Netroots group complaining about lack of guidance on how to vote on Jan. 29, the primary and all. I’ve got to agree. Of course we can each decide on the right person to be the presidential nominee, but then there are the property tax measure and — for us in Miami-Dade County — a referendum on gambling. Maybe people in other counties have local measures, too. What are we supposed to say?”

10. Ybor City Stogie – Corbett Kroehler For Congress: “Central Floridians must stop allowing special interests and big corporations to own our political system and decide how we live. It is time that WE decide how we live. Make Central Florida Ours Again. Make America Ours Again. I’m Corbett Kroehler and I’m running for Congress in Florida’s Eighth District. To learn more about me and why I am running, please.”

11. Florida Citizens for Science – Focus on the Family weighing in: “An online arm of Focus on the Family, CitizenLink, is advising readers to contact the Florida Department of Education to demand the inclusion of intelligent design alongside evolution in the new draft of the state science standards. Fortunately, their brief is not too detailed or accurate.”

12. Ybor City Stogie – The Interstate Traveler Hydrogen Superhighway: “If the Sunshine State had a real high-speed rail system, how would it look? Unlike most every other type of mass transit, the Hydrogen Superhighway requires no public investment for construction or maintenance. The Interstate Traveler is solar-powered! It manufactures its own hydrogen fuel with the power of the sun and the excess is sold off to local utilities at a profit. If you’d like to hear all about the Interstate Traveler Hydrogen Superhighway straight from the inventor, in Orlando this weekend.”

13. Tally’s diary – PACs: “Speaking of money and politics, on the site Congress.org you can get a list of PAC contributions for congressional candidates.”

14. Ybor City Stogie – DFA Mandate for Change Rally: “That will be the rallying cry from 2:00 – 10 P.M. on Wednesday, November 28 at Pioneer Park – located at One Beach Drive South East St. Petersburg. Where hundreds of like-minded Floridians will set aside political differences and peacefully assemble to protest what they describe as a failed system of government.”

15. Flablog – Guide to driver’s guide mess: “In Florida, not even putting out a driver’s handbook is simple. The Herald’s Gary Fineout nicely summarizes this long, twisted tale of special interest versus special interest.”

16. ricksblog.biz – Amtrak still no go in Panhandle: “Amtrak shut down service between Orlando and New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina made landfall on the central Gulf Coast in August 2005. And while its management is discussing reopening the train line with the Florida Department of Transportation, there are no plans to have rail service in any time soon.”

17. Here are the sites in our Candidate Watch Network that have been updated: Say No to Mario, The Mel Martinez Bulletin, MicaNotes, Florida Cabinet Watch, Florida Senate Watch and Florida House Watch.

18. Also check out CG Radio.

19. For more, as always, go to the FLA Politics daily round-up and the Blogging Florida round-up from Florida Netroots.

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