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Apr 17

The Truth About Taxes

In honor of National Tax Day, I wanted to say a few things about taxes and the way conservatives talk about them. There is a series of arguments that conservatives make about taxes that couldn’t possibly be more false. Let’s … Read More

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Jan 11

Rick Scott’s State Of Denial Speech Spurs Brave FL Cop Into Political Action

(Cross-posted at In delivering his 2012 Florida State Of The State address, Governor Rick Scott kept pitching for less taxes and regulations. He said the best thing government can do to help millions of still struggling Floridians is to … Read More

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Apr 20

Forget Jesus. What Would Howard Beale Do?

In Florida, we have only one way out of the mess we’re now in with this runaway train of a Republican government currently turning our state inside out and upside down. It’s the Howard Beale solution. Many a movie lover … Read More

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Apr 07

From the Inbox: Saunders: Pension Bill Imposes An Income Tax

During debate today on House Bill 1405, House Democratic Leader Ron Saunders (D-Key West) alerted state representatives that the public employee pension bill is an income tax, which is prohibited by Florida’s constitution. Leader Saunders made the following remarks, including … Read More

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Mar 16

From the Inbox: Statement By Senate Democratic Leader Nan Rich On Passage of TABOR Joint Resolution

Senate Democratic Leader Nan Rich (D-Weston) on Tuesday released the following statement following Senate passage of the GOP-sponsored ‘TABOR’ proposed constitutional amendment: “The renewed drive by ultra conservative Republicans to pass a measure limiting the amount of money Florida government … Read More

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Feb 10

Everything You Need to Know About Rick Scott’s Budget (Literally)

*Saunders: Scott’s budget is toast – Central Florida Political Pulse – Orlando Sentinel House Democratic Leader Ron Saunders said Thursday that Gov. Rick Scott’s$56.9 billion budget proposal was so politically unpalatable his Republican brethren would have little choice but to … Read More

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Dec 19

Can-Do Attitude Grips “Git R Done” Congress

(Cross-posted at “It’s A Wonderful Life”? Not sure if it’s that classic flick, or maybe it’s a whole bunch of movies that have featured a line that goes something like this: “Wouldn’t it be great if folks acted like … Read More

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Oct 05

Who Wants In On A Nice Non-Partisan Tax Revolt?

So, is the economy your number one issue in the upcoming elections? Sick and tired of the way the government takes too much of your money in taxes and gives too little back in the way of economic stability and … Read More

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