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Feb 28

The Facts for 2/28

With just 41 votes, Republican senators block veterans benefits bill National Academy Of Sciences Delivers Highly Readable Climate Change Warning | ThinkProgress Income Inequality Hurts Economic Growth, But Fixing It Doesn’t Indiana House Votes To End An Innovative Energy Efficiency … Read More

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Feb 27

The Facts for 2/27

Watch Six Colorado Senate Candidates Deny Climate Change Exists In 18 Seconds | ThinkProgress America’s Highest Paid Government Workers: They’re Not Who You Think They Are WSJ Doesn’t Bother Telling Readers Op-Ed Authors Are Anti-Regulation Lobbying Firm Partners | Blog … Read More

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Feb 26

The Facts for 2/26

Right-Wing Media Complain Evil EPA Not Evil Enough In SCOTUS Case | Blog | Media Matters for America Ohio Cuts Early Voting Hours That Are Key To Black Turnout | ThinkProgress Help For Families Who Can’t Afford Childcare Hits Decade … Read More

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Feb 25


Okay, I know this blog has become dormant, but I’m about to change that. From this point, it’ll be an aggregator for several key issues that I think are of vital importance–dispelling the myth of false equivalence between left and … Read More

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