You, you, you...

You, you're abhorrent and absent, arrogant, belligerent, bent and silent, hesitant and ignorant
abrasive and abusive, evasive and defective, possessive and repulsive, an obedient miscreant
alcoholic and erratic, idiotic and apathetic, materialistic and frantic, simplistic and phobic
aloof and overconfident, deaf and incompetent, rough and stiff, pathetic and psychotic
you're annoying and boring, disgusting and frightening, limping and lying, screeching and squealing
disillusioned and afraid, bored and rude, jaded and jumbled, languid and muddled
average but strange, vague and wrong, earsplitting and irritating, loud and sad
cold and dead, lewd and crude, redundant and violent, bitter and bizarre

You, you're familiar and minor, poor and sore, sour and vulgar, superficial and typical
boorish and brash, devilish and harsh, oafish and selfish, snobbish and squeamish
foolish and loutish, common and craven, unknown and uneven, broken and green
cheap and ripe, cowardly and lonely, ugly and unruly, cumbersome and gruesome
you're lame and tame, drab and taboo, odd and old, tiresome and humdrum
delicate and irate, late and light, trite and uptight, obsolete and offbeat
flat and mute, drunk and sick, warlike, childlike, upset and illiterate
hollow and low, not macho you're slow, narrow and shallow, last and soft

You, you're hurt and difficult, ashamed and bewildered, condemned and confused, damaged and defeated
depressed and deserted, deranged and disturbed, embarrassed and absurd, frightened and faded
overrated and puzzled, rabid and ragged, rigid and roasted, scared and scattered
crooked and tired, unarmed and wretched, squalid and stupid, troubled and wicked
you're bashful and awful, cynical and shrill, simple and small, spiteful and cruel
stereotypical, stale, unaccountable and testy, undesirable and trashy, mundane and obscene
doubtful and dull, dysfunctional and frail, fanatical and laughable, feeble and forgetful
fragile and breakable, hateful and horrible, gullible and volatile, hysterical and juvenile

You, you're ambiguous and anxious, callous and capricious, delirious and disastrous, envious and jealous
hapless and helpless, hideous and homeless, infamous, insidious, loose and ludicrous
mindless and motionless, malicious and false, nervous and noxious, flimsy and gaudy
pointless and ruthless, scandalous and spurious, tasteless and tedious, careless and thoughtless
venomous and zealous, voiceless and worthless, unnatural and tricky, unsuitable and weary

You, you're...
Angry and dizzy, bloody and dirty, clumsy and crazy, crabby and creepy
Dreary and dusty, empty and filthy, faulty and flaky, tense and obnoxious
Goofy and greasy, greedy and grouchy, grubby and grumpy, homely and hungry
Imaginary and icy, jumpy and nutty, lazy and messy, murky and mushy
Needy and nosy, puny and pushy, raspy and shaky, silly and sleepy
Slimy and slippery, sloppy and smelly, sneaky and spooky, snotty and spotty
Sticky and stingy, sulky and scrawny, tacky and tawdry, tiny and temporary

Tiny and temporary
Tiny and temporary
You, you, you...