Truth, truth, ain't got no proof
Put up your hands and raise the roof
Roof, roof, the roof is on fire
We don't need no water
Let the motherfucker burn
Burn, burn, you gots to learn
Learn, learn, you gots to see
You can't be what I be

Be, be, you can't be free
Free from the things
That hold you down
Down, down, you're just a clown
Looking like your name was Pennywise
With that shake, do you want fries?
Fries, fries, the king of lies
No not Satan, you are wrong

This ain't that kind of song
Song, song, you just don't rate
Ain't about to pass a collection plate
Plate, plate, it's time to sing
Sing a silly song about a dream
Dream, dream, chocolate ice cream
Running down your face
Making a mess

Mess, mess, it starts to grow
Grows until it's a massive flow
Flow, flow, like the River Styx
Drop your ice cream
Play pick up sticks
Sticks more fun than a barrel of monkeys
Barrel more fun than a bus of junkies
Bus more fun than a snorkel of spiders

Snorkel more fun than a ring of fighters
Ring more fun than a...
No, no, let's go back
Back, back, to the old school
Old school cuz I'm an old fool
An old fool with new tools
New tools that'll make you drool
Drool, drool, cuz I'm that cool

Cool, cool, where you from
Get your ass back there
You're looking real dumb
Dumb, young and full of cum
Cum, cum, come on Eileen
Dream another dream
Dream, dream, the one where you're falling
Falling into a bottomless pit

Falling into a rage-fueled pit
Falling, falling, you just can't quit
Quit, quit, you needs to stop
Stop doing the rock chalk Jayhawk
Stop doing that Quick Draw McGraw
Stop doing that go, dog, go
Go, go, back to the flow
Flow, flow, you gots to swim

Swim, swim, in the river of life
Life, life, you got no wife
Wife's gone, you got a divorce
Divorce, divorce, use the force
Force, force, fight the Sith
Sith lord, cut the chord
Chord, chord, you got no rhythm
Rhythm, rhythm, go to class

Class, class, you gots to learn
Learn what it means to be an MC
MC like me in the place to be
Be, be, all you can be
Be the one to have the fun
Be the one to rock the house
House, house, you need to go home
Home, home, you're all alone

Alone at night, you want to cry
Alone at night, afraid to die
Die, die, your time is done
Done, done, you're the only one
You're not a token, your eyes won't open
Open your eyes, you gots to look
Look, look, you got no proof
Proof, proof, ain't got no truth