The Lesson

I step up to the mic and it's time to teach the class
I'm here to drop some science bout the present, future, past
This is T. Rex's Guide to Life
This is dedicated to the heroes in my life
Professor Rex is here to dispel your illusions
Like Obama's election I'll shatter your delusions
You people get your info from all the wrong places
Give your respect to all the wrong faces

The first thing you do is turn off your tv
The world wide web is the place you need to be
Freedom of information that's the key
That bland corporate truth will eat you like a zombie
28 days later you still don't know the truth
Bible beaters got you rejectin the proof
Global warming, evolution, science and logic
Ignorant neocons say it's nothin but a trick

The second thing you need to do is learn to free your mind
The history book's written for the blind by the blind
The things they teach you in school in reality
The lies they feed you defy all morality
They leave out the people who really took a chance
White washing history in ethnocentric rants
Dumb-ass textbooks are a waste of your day
Get with the people, hear what they got to say

The third thing you do is put down your credit card
Close up your wallet, put up your guard
Quit buying shit that you don't need
Fuck the joneses, kill the greed
The whole world's tryin to make you consumer
But that shit'll rot your brain just like a tumor
Evil is the root of all money
Kills more people than crack, this shit ain't funny

The fourth thing you need to do is learn to use your power
It's democracy, don't vote then you're a coward
On election day, get out the vote
Shake up the system and rock the boat
American idiot? Man that's too nice
George fucking Bush got elected twice
Don't get started, I know he stole that shit
The vote was too close, that's how he jacked it

The fifth thing you do is kill all that noise
Drop the propaganda, learn some fuckin poise
You spend all day on imaginary problems
Like you're worried bout ogres and goblins
Communists and terrorists aint comin to get you
Our biggest global problem is your short-sighted views
Racism, sexism, hatred and poverty
Open up your eyes and learn to see

The next thing you need to do is start making love
Gettin love and givin love
If I ruled the world, people'd fuck every day
It wouldn't even matter if you're bi, straight or gay
Everybody needs to get laid more
And stop calling sexual women fucking whores
The more sex we get the more relaxed we are
We stop blowin kids up in imperialistic wars

The last thing you do is get up off your butt
Get out the house, get out of the rut
America needs you, and the world does, too
There's so much shit that we gotta do
We can't leave this mess for future generations
We gotta overcome our doubts and frustrations
We need your help to make the world a better place
Till you get up off your ass, I'm gonna be in your face!