The Answer

The answer to all your questions
Can be found in the lessons
That you'll learn when you listen to the Rex
I'm not here just to flex
I've gathered a lot of facts over the years
And I just want you to lend me your ears
I just want you to move your feet
I just want you to groove to this Apollo Brown beat
While I give some answers to you dancers
We're suffering from a overabundance of brain cancers
Not literal, more like illiterate, materialistic
Liberally eating sugary cereal with no vitamins and minerals
The pitiful trivial miserable apoliticaly hypocritical fictional middle
I'm not talking about fairy tales, I'm lifting veils
Giving you warnings about the things you should be aware of
The real things you should be in fear of, scared of
You need to know who is making money off of you
It's the people who consume the lobster fondue while you eat turkey stew
It's trips to Peru while you struggle to buy shampoo
It's a home with a Pacific view while your rent is long overdue
It's hanging with kangaroos while you crazy glue your running shoes
It's Katmandu and Timbuktu, while you visit the city zoo
It's the boys in the blue, deja vu, and the dirty things they do
It's wham and bam, but m'am no thank you
It's Bentleys and Maybachs while you're writing IOUs
It's Dolce and Gabbana while you're listening to Blink 182
It's swimming with Shamu while you're frightend about the bird flu

You need to ask yourself, who benefits off of my labor
Who wins when I can't choose my own neighbors
Who is victorious when I put down my own sabre
Who gets rich when I'm not a hater and I buy your fable
Who blows up every time the government promotes another free trader
Who is the one propping up all those third world dictators
Who succeds off the fiction that the rich are the only job creators
Who is the champion when to myself I am a traitor

You need to ask more questions
Ask me, ask yourself, ask whoever you can
They don't want to give you the answers
But don't take no for an answer