The things you say are dumb
You don't know shit
You lie, lie, lie
Others die, die, die
Your motives suspect
Your life a train wreck
Your ideas defective
You will be rejected

You can't win with truth
Brainwash the youth
You lie, lie, lie
Mothers cry, cry, cry
You select your own facts
Your values are cracked
You are fucking whack
You need to get smacked

Your theories are stupid
You don't act human
You lie, lie, lie
Rights go bye, bye, bye
It sucks when we do it
It's okay when you do it
You suck and you know it
You suck and we know it

The postmodern man
You need to be banned
You lie, lie, lie
And kids fry, fry, fry
You don't wanna help us
You arefucking selfish
Damn your whole clan
Fuck your game plan

Lie, lie, lie
Lie, lie, lie
Lie, lie, lie
Bye, bye, bye