Rap Flow

Fuck it, I'm gonna get started, only got 3 minutes 30 seconds
To drop these lines, that's my time, so let's let the flow go
Fast like Flo Jo, don't need a hook or an intro to blow
Okay, I hear the chatter, shit, here comes ANOTHER white rapper
So let's get this out the way, then I'll have my say
It's not another case of cultural misappropriation
But a historical celebration and lyrical miscegenation
Under these grooves, we need one nation, one destination
I don't need to murk other MC's, I murder the English language
I manage to blow up beats, setting records with more than all due speed
Even on weed, every phrase I fuck up feeds my sons, my seed
I'd rather be dead in the middle of little Italy
Than get airplay for spitting a fistful of shitty
Rhymes that stink up the house like tender vittles
Coming from the assholes of little kittens with mittens
Like that childhood story, listen to my verbal inventory
Yeah, my vocabulary is derivative, I stole my glossary
From a thesaurus and out the dictionary
My possible lexicon holds every word from decepticon
To ideophone, dropping verbal bombs on your zone
Like one of those unconstitutional Obama drones
Bikes make crazy sounds, I write insane verbs and eschew lazy nouns
Live from the streets, I can feel the heat in these beats
Since I was like three feet tall, goin off on Albee Square Mall
Don't rip me off, fuckin off, like Rugged Bueller's day off
Watch you fade like a high top when I drop
Leave you flattened like a pancake at IHOP
I'm engineering sounds you're hearing that other writers are fearing
Like Chris Conway, it's my way or no way, fuck the highway
I know I'm one of the best, don't need some fake ass crown
Like DJ Babu, Blue and Doom, I'm hearing and making nature sounds
I'm not in the mood just to get by, just to get by
Too many MC's seem like they're too high and dying not to be fly
I, Professor Rex do solemly need these fresh to death sounds
To aboud all around me day and nite before I'm in the ground
You have to have vision to see the star in me, what I'm gonna be
A Scarlet Witch Avenger, getting revenge or you gotta flee
That the sound and fury, the silence I kill means you need me
I draw my power from forbidden scriptures and abandoned laws
I conquer my own flaws, make you pause, and snikt pop my claws
I'll create a buzz, when I bust, in the booth I go nuts, but I'm not just a white rapper
The speed is coming, the beats humming, you need something to keep your knees buckling
I can always chime rhymes with a fried mind, you'll hit rewind after every line of mine
Yeah, I borrowed a few words and verbs, not sorry, a tribute to yesterday and tomorrow
I think it's so groovy now that Rex is finally getting a listen
The Professor has lessons that will lessen your reliance on should-be felons
And turn your ears, eyes, thoughts, and mind to the relevant legends
I'm serious as a heart attack, a rap attack, give a fuck about a stack
Unless it's a stack of rhymes and lines that redefine a rap flow
If you don't know, you're slow, I blow, I go, I throw like Kool Moe
I crush, crush, crush, you need to hush, hush, hush
You reek like a toilet brush, I got action like a royal flush
Seriously shush, shush, shush and listen to my gold rush
I'm gruff and crass, plus you can trust me, I smoke kush, make your girlie blush
She might be a little afraid of me, that she can't control herself you see
That she'll be temped to particpate in some anarchy that'll make her mamma flee
And make her daddy say, "damn that's about to be one dead honkey"
Hold up, let's slow it down with these raps
Fuck that, slow is for radio rappers, let's keep it fast
Keep it real, don't need a record deal, seen what they did to RA
Tried to bend him over and fuck his ass as if he were gay
Rapping and ripping these rugged rhymes that show I don't play
No way, need nothing near me but the beats and brews and blunts
Freedom of my feet, my crew, and verbal stunts, I'm worth $6 million
If you're part of the system, I'm yet another villain, not down with the killing
I'm not feeling your walls, can't see em at any time, like a mime
Tearing down your expectations, this is a differential equation
My thoughts are like a Cayman haven for tax evasion
The paths I emblazon will make you hide behind doors like a freemason
I've got compassion like an assassin for associations and corporations
I'm abrasive to ignorant caucasions who aren't gonna be able to breathe without a respirator
I'm educating your mind with intellectual radiation like artificial insemination
You better start assimilating to this new information before I hit you with my final examination
The distillation of the ideas in this communication will lead you to a modulation
Of the way you think and drink and chase pink and, you know what, you're still gonna stink
Your take on civilization is an aberration, time for a integration
Of words and thoughts and deeds and people, getting rid of the sheeple
No room for mischaracterization, the variation and combination of my ill illuminations
Brings down a precipitation of broken inclinations, fuck it, I'm done, let's start the celebration

Let's end it like this
The definition of a rap flow, I'mma reinvent it like this