My Music

Let me say a few words about your words
Let me rhyme a few rhymes about your rhymes
Your topics ain't topical, your subjects are objectionable
Your GPS has lost its directional
I ain't heard a word you said
You're saying the same shit that he said
If your material was life support, we'd all be dead
If it's books you haven't read, use my library
If it's songs you haven't heard, use my Spotify
I'll buy you a dictionary, lend you a thesaurus
I'll school you on fiction, even write you a chorus
Read a damn paper, scan the Internet
Live life a little, get your feet wet
See men I ain't like you, if you suffocate hip hop,
It'll suffer more, and then it'll die, too
Not dissin' Em', I love me some Shady
But I don't bash gays and I don't hate the ladies
From here on out, it's time for the new
Wanna write good songs, here's what you do
Tell real stories, good stories, that happened to you
Not you shit you heard on another record
Learn history, politics, become a knowledge wrecker
Whatever you do, change up your vocab
A list of words you should drop...
Here, let me take a stab (here we go):

Labels & stables, crews & teams
Deals & charts, bikes & cars
Guns & gats, AKs & MAC 10s
Fights & murder, gangstas & real men
Diamond ring bling, gold & chains
Kicks, sneaks, freaks, shit stains & getting brain
Getting paid & getting laid, bitches & hoes
Fags & gays, dikes & getting airplay
Cribs & whips, rims & rides
Misplaced materialism, hate & taking the wrong side
What city and sports squad I flaunt
How many motherfucking Maybachs I got
How rich I am
How my women, who I call a bitch, is hot and slammin'
How big my dick is
How sick my clique is
How many people I've killed
How many graves I've filled

They use these things to divide us
They use these things to divide us
They use these things to divide us
They use these things to divide us

I'ma not leave you hanging, that's not what I'm about
Here's list of what you should be talking about (here we go):

Racism, sexism, hatred and poverty
How do we get free and how do we stay free
How we can make all of us rich, not how you can get riches
How you can teach your son not to call women bitches
How we can stop insulting lesbians and gays
How we can bring together the people who pray and the people who don't pray
How we fight against the war on drugs, how we unite the thugs
To fight police brutality, make world peace a reality
How we join together to hate the haters, stop the rapers
Figure out a way to give the corporate CEOs their walking papers
Feed the hungry, reel in the power of multinational companies
Heal the sick, bring us all together as one clique
Fight the power, knock down the ivory tower
Make superheroes out of the masses that are cowards
Turn meek to mighty, make them stop taking us lightly
More of us than there are of them, sink or swim
Its us together or its them forever
Stop shutting up and stand up and speak up and break it up and shake it up and bring it down

Alright, that's what I got to say
Now, let's see what you got
Now, let's see what you got
Now, let's see what you got
Now, let's see what you got