The Mountain Song

Get up, stand up, at the crack of dawn
Got the best gear, get those boots on
When I was born, started at the bottom
A chance at success, no one thought it
Possibly I like this brand new person
Feeling gunshy, don't wanna get hurt again
If you don't stand up, you can't fall down then
Climb that mountain, fuck that mountain

Gonna climb to the top of K2
Training for years, today's the day I do it
I learned and learned everything I could
Most of all I learned to write real good
Days like today, I feel like anything
Excited by the possibilities it brings
Nothing ever better than this has sounded
Climb that mountain, fuck that mountain

Make a plan, always stick to it
Not wearing nikes, but I'm just gonna do it
You can't write, you can't teach
No one will listen to you speech and preach
Each time I try, feel like I might die
Walls close in, grinding, pounding
Day after day they keep on hounding
Climb that mountain, fuck that mountain

My adreniline provides so much winning
My muscles scream, but I'm still grinning
I never listen, to those critics
Never trust those, with no stakes in it
Or those with too many stakes in it
They pump you up so they can win it
Always staying higher, than the clouds did
Climb that mountain, fuck that mountain

This is fucking stupid, I'm dumb for wanting it
The peak's so high, I can't envision it
Why even dream, I can't even follow it
No way out, I better just swallow it
Maybe I'm okay, maybe I wanted it
Maybe it's me, maybe I flaunted it
Goblins of doubt, surround your fountain
Climb that mountain, fuck that mountain

I can't do it, can't do it, can't do it
I can't, I won't, I can't, I won't
Never gonna make it, never gonna make it
Always standing here, always naked
It hurts the most, my brain is toast
I'll never escape this fucking ghost
Got no parents and still you're grounded
Climb that mountain, fuck that mountain

I nearly quit, forgot that vision
Too much pain, give up this mission
Started all this to instill knowledge
Now it's too hot this fucking porridge
I hate myself, I hate you, too
The things I allowed, the things you do
Never ever forget, so you vow it
Climb that mountain, fuck that mountain

But I won't quit, no matter the cost
Win or lose, my soul ain't lost
I keep on trying to illuminate you
And keep on helping those who do too
But I won't let you end me like this
I will accept this new lover's kiss
The struggle itself has its own value
Climb that mountain, fuck that mountain

And then when it finally happened
Took a look around to see my champions
Made to the top, no one thought we could be here
Shouted out truth, my voice disappeared
The stains you left, won't wash away
But never again will they darken my day
Climb into bed and finally fall down then
Climbed that mountain, fucked that mountain