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Use people's names as verbs Ten Obama metaphors: Ten Star Wars metaphors 10 Biz Markie References 10 Politician scandal metaphors 10 stupid athlete references 10 ways to describe my music 10 Nirvana references 10 porn references 10 I get down like a __ 10 Wesley Willis references Video games

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10 References to dead rappers

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I'm living happily ever after like ___ I see your name when I Google ____ Things I like to do

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Random dictionary rhymes Urban dictionary words

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Slang for DC Vagina Penis Old Timey slang to use

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10 "opposite of batman" type references 10 Harry Potter references 10 Sickness references Other stuff 50 state references References to famous speeches Famous movie speeches 10 walking dead references 10 stephen king references Rework old product slogans into boasts 10 school house rocks references 10 Samuel L. Jackson references 10 Social Media references Memes If I say ___, then tell me to shut up 10 references to bands I hate 10 board game references Native American Mascot References Great puns List of things that would signify rappers have sold out Other stuff