I Will Go Quietly

I will go quietly
I will not stand up against authority
I will not rebel
I will fear the hell you sell
I will keep consuming
In ways that maintain your power, I'll keep assuming
I will believe the media
I will regress to the median
I will work longer hours for less pay
I won't take action, I'll stay home and pray
I will accept higher prices in exchange for weaker services and lower-quality goods
I will let them divide us in segregated neighborhoods
I will be brainwashed by Madison Avenue
I will risk my life for a pair of basketball shoes
I will not protest
I will eat bad food and die of cardiac arrest
I will rally 'round the flag
I will be satisfied that you allowed me to take a doggie bag
I will fight your wars
I will shop at a never-ending series of identical stores
I will ignore homelessness, poverty and starvation
I will be thankful for one week of paid vacation
I will accept corruption
I will stay quiet when your wants cause my needs a disruption
I will suppress my personality to fit your expectations
I will cede authority to the Federal Bureau of Investigation
I will not stand up for what I know is right
I will buy whatever I'm sold
I will do what I'm told
I will buy my wife your blood diamond
I will ignore what you're doing to the climate
I will drink your union-busting beer
I will live in constant fear
I will make sure to get up early and never be late
I will hate who you tell me to hate
I will keep up with the Joneses
I will help you bury the bones
I will go ahead and pay that extra fee
I will cheer for the death of people who never wronged me
I will buy home team-colored baseball caps
For you, I will race the rats
I will cheer for the stock exchange
I believe I cannot make a change
I will stay asleep
I will be a good American sheep
I will accept being governed by a rich minority
I will go quietly