I walk in the room, go boom boom boom
Jump in my car, go zoom zoom zoom
Call you on the phone say yo yo yo
I get to your house time to go go go
Time to hit the party say yes yes yes
Are we ever gonna sleep say no no no
Looking at your face, say what what what
Kiss you on the lips, smack your butt butt butt

Hand me my drink time to say say say
No time to work, time to play play play
Don't wanna play golf, no putt putt putt
Feel like I gotta bust a nut nut nut
Feel like Santa yelling ho ho ho
Just got paid, spending dough dough dough
It's after 10 o'clock, hit the club club club
Before we do that, hit the pub pub pub

Getting kinda ready to fly fly fly
Singing Johnny Gill kinda my my my
Getting low, taking shots, shots, shots
Don't wanna see no cops cops cops
Feelin good, need more shots shots shots
Quit partying? Probably not not not
On the agenda tonight: fun fun fun
Party until the world is done done done

Party like its one nine nine nine
The fun in the world is all mine mine mine
Tomorrow its back to work work work
On the floor doing cool jerk jerk jerk
Dropping all the bills bills bills
Popping all the pills pills pills
Drinking all the drinks drinks drinks
Enjoying all the hijinks jinks jinks

Get out there bust a move move move
In my heart is the groove groove groove
It's time of the day to be free free free
Too many drinks gotta pee pee pee
Club's clearing out, get some food food food
Not ready to kill my mood mood mood
The night's almost at an end end end
Get some sleep, get up, do it again gain gain