Delusions coming from fundie preachers
Delusions coming from private school teachers
Delusions coming from fucked-up parents
Delusions coming from false dead presidents
Delusions, delusions, delusions, delusions

Delusions got you sleeping on the job
Looking like a slob, acting like a snob
Running with the mob, feeling like the blob
Buying a Saab, making your head throb

Delusions got you living a lie
Going on standby, making you buy
Chasing the sky pie, not asking why
Making you cry, making you wanna die

Delusions got you seeking fame
Seeking acclaim, losing the game
Putting out the flame, forgetting your name
Placing the blame, living with false shame

Delusions got you running to hide
Letting things slide, taking the wrong ride
Forgetting you lied, getting denied
Swelling with false pride, Losing your stride

Delusions coming from Wall Street bankers
Delusions coming from terrible actors
Delusions coming from corrupt politicians
Delusions coming from soulless musicians
Delusions, delusions, delusions, delusions

Delusions got you playing guitar
Sleeping in a car, going too far
Shooting for the wrong stars, living in bars
Going to war, saying au revior

Delusions got you acting odd
Praying to false gods, kneeling before Zod
Being a fraud, shooting your wad
Putting up a facade, driving a hot rod

Delusions got you talking bout boring shit
Looking for the next hit, ready to quit
Falling in a deep pit, fixing to spit
Throwing a fit, about to submit

Delusions got you living a boring life
Looking for strife, married to the wrong wife
Cutting with a dull knife, ignoring advice
Rolling the dice, paying the price

Delusions coming from incompetent reporters
Delusions coming from too many lawyers
Delusions coming from ignorant writers
Delusions coming from the worldwide choir
Delusions, delusions, delusions, delusions